Dragon Forge’s Ancient Ruins II Kickstarter

For many years now, Dragon Forge Design has been a loyal sponsor of your favourite blog that rhymes with “Cost Schmemisphere”, providing prize support for fundraisers, making LH logo bases, and of course, making many of our models look so gosh darn awesome on their bases.

dfksmainNow, this may come as a shock to some of you, but Jeff @ Dragon Forge – Golden Demon winner and all round hunka man meat – actually makes bases for other games. I know right? Mind blowing. For those of you with interests beyond the Iron Kingdoms, say in the grim darkness of the future where there is only war, or perhaps the infinite worlds of Paradiso or Neoterra, or even if you’re inclined to rebase your entire Super Dungeon Explore set, Jeff’s creating a whole new set to complement the existing Ancient Ruins set.

While the kickstarter is currently showcasing Bevelled Edge bases, Jeff posted on Bookface this morning that if we hit the 7th Stretch Goal he’ll be adding an 8th to roll out a new series of Round Edge bases for the Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux and Relic Knights fans. See how he’s trying to take care of us? What a nice guy!

This is a link to the Kickstarter

You can click it if you wanna 😉


Of course, the more astute of you (and let’s face it, many of the less astute of you) will have noticed that the image I posted up there at the top right says that it’s already funded… 8 hours, I think? That’s all it took for fans of Dragon Forge’s resin bases to say “Mm-hmm, I’ll have me some of that”. Not surprising, really. The set follows the same detail level that I’ve come to appreciate from Dragon Forge – bases that look awesome and complement the model mounted on them, letting it be the focal point, without overshadowing it with hyper-intricate detailing.They’re clean (as much as can be said for chunks of broken masonry) and there’s enough skulls to please the grimdark fans without making it look like the model’s just finished a shopping spree in a mausoleum.


Taller bases are perfect for assault troops with jetpacks or acrobatic types who just like getting above the action. I kinda sorta wish I had one of these when I as painting Nicia, Tear of Vengeance. In a round lip version of course… (Come on Stretch goals!)


This is another particularly neat peace on offer. Aside from generally being a neat pillar, the fact that you can hide something inside it – a chit declaring that it’s a trap… or moneyz… or rice krispies, whatever…

At the time of writing there are ten different sets unlocked, with an additional six displayed as stretch goals. I’ve backed with an eye to mounting Infinity models on sets A, F and G (because hey, subtle water effects bases), and because supporting our sponsors comes right around to support us. Is this something you could get behind?