Lost Hemisphere Radio ep100: The OneHundredening

A long time ago the decision was made to take the flavour and tone of Lost Hemisphere, the blog, to your ears, dear listeners. We started Lost Hemisphere Radio and while the road hasn’t always been smooth, we’ve pottered along until we finally made it all the way to episode 100. This is a landmark for us, but more importantly for you, our listening audience, who’ve been putting up with our banter for an awfully long time.

We want to reward your endurance by giving away a bunch of stuff. Thanks to our friends at Privateer Press and Soda Pop Miniatures we’re giving away a pile of stuff this episode and we’ve got some more to give away yet.

Please join us as we celebrate our Centennial episode with a handful of listeners, some letters, and oh, we did a bunch of interviews with Privateer Press too. You can absorb the meanderings via iTunes or by clicking on this here link: Linky!

Thank you for being part of our journey.

TO GET IN THE DRAW FOR THE REMAINING PRIZES: Comment on this post on Lost Hemisphere or on Facebook before 10/20/14. Winners will be announced in episode 101. Cheers!

14 Responses to Lost Hemisphere Radio ep100: The OneHundredening

  1. Avatar Chris Cumming
    Chris Cumming says:

    Congrats on 100! Here’s to the next 100!

  2. Avatar Ninja Steve
    Ninja Steve says:

    Congratulations on 100 episodes!

  3. Honestly, you guys have been my favorite podcast for years now. There are plenty of podcasts that are “all tactics, all competitive games, all the time,” that honestly end up being pretty boring after a while, but you guys are the only one that I can listen to that are regular gamers out to have a good time first and foremost.

    100 episodes is a real milestone and I hope you guys are around for 100 more. I look forward to seeing you guys at TempleCon 2016 (I only get to go every other year due to finances).

  4. Great episode guys! I’ve been catching up with a backlog of your podcast in my queue and I have to say you give me drive to get back to playing again. Hopefully come the end of the month I’ll have some battlemages for paint the target.

  5. Woo! Yay! 100!

    Thank you for fuelling my enthusiasm for tier lists and randomness for the last few years.

    • Dang! Menoth John left before episode 30? I’ve vaguely been wondering exactly when I started listening, and I started before he left. So that’s more than 70 episodes of LHR I’ve been through…

  6. Avatar lordbubonicus
    lordbubonicus says:

    Congratulations on reaching 100 episodes gentlemen. It’s a fantastic achievement. Lost Hemisphere really does add something different to the community, and reminds us all why we ultimately participate in this hobby – because it’s fun. Here’s to the next 100. Rahn!

  7. Great job guys and congrats on 100 episodes!

  8. Avatar GingerNinja NZ
    GingerNinja NZ says:

    That’s a fine innings gents. Well played!

    LHR was the first podcast I listened to when I started playing many moons ago and it will always be a favourite since, as a budding Protectorate player, G’day and Menothjohn were the best gaming role models I could want! Since then LHR keeps being a go to for a hilarious romp through whatever is on the agenda.

    Keep on being awesome Jamie and Chris. 🙂

  9. Avatar Martin_Fierro
    Martin_Fierro says:

    Congratulations on 100 episodes!

  10. Woohoooo! 100 Episodes!

  11. Congrats guys!

  12. Keep up with the great stuff.