Paint The Target: Sept Results, Oct Challenge

Hellooooo Losties, and welcome back to another round of Paint The Target! (*raucous applause*) Ah, yes, the monthly challenge where WE let YOU be the star, and one lucky participant will receive a lovely gift! (*cheers and hollering*).

You know, sometimes I just wish my life had its own personal soundtrack…

For the month of September we challenged you to bring out the big guns and paint… well, your big guns! Or ballistae, cannon, crossbows, blowdarts, what have you. If it has a ranged weapon of some sort, it meets the criteria.


For myself, I painted Gruber, my little red tank for my Black Diamonds for Relic Knights. Isn’t he a cutie? But the real question is… what did YOU, dear reading audience, what did YOU submit??

From the Weirdiest Beardy out there, we get a fresh take on the Road Hog, borrowing a set of legs from a Necrotech to  help it better maneouvre over rough terrain.

Down Under Painter Pal Drifter has painted up some Jetpack Paladins! Paragons from the Shattered Sword Paladins from Relic Knights that is!


From Kidd we get a twofer with Dannon Blythe and Bull. We really don’t see enough of the feisty redhead and her brutish pal on the tabletop… last time I used them, they assassinated Absylonia…

Gramut’s indulged his loathesome heretical Cygnaran ways with a pair of Hunters to add to his Kraye theme force. Menoth does not approve!

Jontown has joined the ranks of those of us who have picked out every single button on Master Holt’s coat…

From across the pond in the UK, KevBryant’s feeling a little… Crosse…

Also hailing from ole’ Blighty, NotThatOne decided to go with one of the largest man-portable boomsticks the Cygnaran military has ever produced. I say man-portable, but let’s face it, as a trollkin Captain Gunnbjorn’s manlier than most.

Harlan Versh took a moment out of his busy days hunting witches to pose for Polluxx66’s paintbrushes.


Szymon’s continuing with the Morrowan feel by submitting Siege. What is it with you people this month, are you actively trying to offend my Menite sensibilities? 😉

I’m delighted to welcome Taks to the Target, with this awesome Earthbreaker. A very worthy first submission indeed! And also the only Colossal/Gargantuan submitted this month. Boys, I think Taks has upped the ante for next month.

Thadrin must have recovered from his GenCon ordeal, at least long enough to get the Hunters Grim painted up.

Last month’s winner Thornail is back in the running with his Satyxis Raider Captain. Somewhere amidst all that model detail she’s packing a handcannon. We’re not sure exactly where, and we’re scared to ask.

Treville returns with more Everblight nastiness. Lylyth is ready to turn the Newcastle locals into pincushions.

Lost pal Lonelymonk stepped up his game with a full unit of Amethyst Rose Gun Mages, along with a UA and solo. The Llaelese resistance isn’t going to paint itself people!

Wallorspin was also visited by Harlan Versh. I’m not sure if this says anything about his piety or his propensity to attract the attention of witch hunters!

Ursa Major’s Ravagore in no way implies than he’s any less a bear. I’m sure he’s got Brun & Lug painted somewhere in his collection, otherwise we’ll have to change his name to Draco Major.

And we end with regular Zionson, who was feeling a bit crabby, apparently. ALL THE CRABJACKS!

Ah, kids, it’s been a fun month, but it’s time to announce the…


… ugh… it physically pains me to award the prize to a filthy Morrowan, but this month’s winner is Wallorspin! Congratulations, sir! I can only hope you’ll see the error of your ways and start painting Menites now 😉

Bounce me your address and I’ll see about getting something in the mail for you!


Well, for September we let all the shooty models come out to play, but what about those who like getting up close and personal? The melee monstrosities that are so keen for close range combat that they eschew firepower altogether? For October let’s flip the last challenge on its head. No Ranged capacity whatsoever, show me your Close Combatants!

Send in your pics of melee models to by Noon, October 30th. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end 😉

5 Responses to Paint The Target: Sept Results, Oct Challenge

  1. Avatar Not_that_one
    Not_that_one says:

    What a great range of ranged!

  2. Yey 😉 Such awesome bunch of companions for my Siege.

    Are you big fan of Allo Allo and Lieutenant Hubert Gruber?

  3. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    I’m a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t get an entry in for this one. First time I’ve started something and not finished it.

    Anyway, love the variety of the entries and that non-PP stuff is creeping in. Love seeing Blythe and Bull too, I really like those figures.

    I’ll have to dig something out and see if I can get my painting mojo back this month.

  4. Morrow for the win! Secretly gdaybloke is a Morrowan convert! He just doesn’t want to admit it. Great painting by everyone!