They Fight Crime!

He’s a bald, foreign git who throws his weight AND punches around!!
He’s a pantless Canukistanian who’ll shoot off MORE than just his mouth!!
They Fight Crime!


Huge thanks to artist Florian Stitz for these most awesome sketches of Lost Hemisphere Radio’s hosts in their native garb in celebration of the 100th episode of the podcast. You can check out his work at, and you can find his art peppered through back issues of No Quarter Magazine and lurking behind the covers of the occasional Warmachine/Hordes book 😉

5 Responses to They Fight Crime!

  1. You guys do look like super hero’s ….

  2. Your koala is showing. 😀

  3. Avatar Kev bryant
    Kev bryant says:

    Love it but Where is the cricket Bat and hockey stick?

  4. And the TimTam feeder with vegamite injector holster

  5. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    Awesome! and, ‘Surely that’s a drop-bear?’