Iason, Sven and Frigge

Sounds something like an Icelandic bad from the 50’s… but no, it’s the names of the first three models from the Arena Rex kickstarter completed by Pat from Artisan’s Edge. You may recall we showed off Aquila and Noxius some time ago, and of course it was only a short while back that we showed the component pics of the models received, but today I’m rather chuffed to show you the fruits of Pat’s labours. As soon as the Arena Mat arrives, Lost painter TheGreatGaspy and I plan to spill some blood on the sand to the roars of the crowd.


Trained in the arts of the Arena from boyhood, Iason strikes with lethal grace and precision. Because of his lithe form and sinuous taunts and strikes he is often likened to a dancer on the sands.

Spear? Check. Buckler and Dagger? Check. Ostentatious plumage? Check. What’s not to love about Iason? The blurb’s aptly carried out in his rules as he constantly repositions himself around his target. He’s also a very solid support piece, able to swing to the aid of his teammates with ease.


A patient warrior who favors maneuvring around his opponents and exhausting them before closing in the for the kill, Sven treats even his human foes more like dangerous predators than proper enemies. He prefers to keep his opponents at bay with the reach of his spear and sword, trusting in his reflexes and the precision of his strikes to ward him more surely than armor or a shield. Hard hours of training and focused preparation from childhood ensure that his sister Frigge has a constant rival for any title within the Ludus.

I love that Sven and Frigge are a brother-sister pairing, each taking a different approach to arena combat. That said, I’d rather have some armour, Sven. His damage output ranks him on the higher end of the scale from the models in my collection, and like Jason he’s reasonably adept at kiting his foes.


Raised from birth within the Brotherhood, Frigge Eiriksdottir has been a terror since the age of two. Many of the Blood Brother’s favourite stories of Frigge involve her childhood escapades throwing tantrums and stealing weapons twice her height. This continued until her demands were met and she was presented with a child’s wooden sword to match her brother’s. Her father knew that day that his only daughter was a warrior-born and the rest of the Brotherhood has best try and keep up.

While her brother seems more measured and patient, Frigge will rush to engage, and then batter her foe across the sands with blow after blow, and heaven forbid she successfully knock your weapon aside with her shield, for her axe will surely already be swinging your way.

Stay tuned for the next round of painted Arena Rex models as Pat of Artisan’s Edge gets to work on the Viatrix, Lupa and Bjarrhvit!