Quick Event Update

You know how you thought Convention Season was over?

Hah! You poor naive fool, it’s just hibernatingfor a month or so, and then it’ll all be back, you’ll be trying to finagle vacation time off work, planning road trips and otherwise planning for excessive geekery. Today I’m recovering from yesterday’s eye zappery, but you can catch up on updates on three events in the horizon in the coming months.


Of course, Templecon’s always on our radar. It’s Lost Hemisphere’s main event, even if Northblade and I have a 9 hour road trip to get there. It kickstarts our gaming year every February, and the New England Privateers are teasing us with the preliminary event schedule.

Click the picture to be taken to the full schedule, and be sure to smile wickedly to yourself that there’s a theme tournament  – a Masters qualifier, nonetheless – right out of the gate on the Thursday. Ah, Templecon, you just keep delivering.


SOOWhat do you do when you’re bored? Break out the gaming console? Call up a buddy and arrange a game of something? Lost pal Tim Banky apparently decides to run a convention. You can click the image over there on the right to go to the Event page, but long story short we’re talking an Iron Gauntlet qualifier, Speedmachine, Spell Draft, and the Southern Ontario Masters tournaments happening over three days in Hamilton, Ontario. This one takes place in May, so the weather should be very pleasant indeed.

Your three day pass is $55 and covers entry into all events, including the High Command events that I didn’t mention until this very sentence.

So just to reiterate, we’re stacking a Masters event and an Iron Gauntlet event less than 20 minutes drive from my place. No, that doesn’t mean you can all stay at my place… but a gathering at the pub’s definitely on the table.


otcNow, my understanding is that this one might be full up already, but I wanted to tip my hat regardless to the Party Foul lads for getting their poop in one sock and putting this one together. March will see teams of 5 players competing in the first annual Ontario Team Championship, being held in Burlington, Ontario.

Now, word is that there are not one, but TWO teams from Buffalo, NY, looking to sneak across the border and take the Championship trophy back South o’ the Border. I think there’s a line in the sand, fellow residents of Ontario, and it must be defended from these… Southerners… with their Fahrenheit, Miles and Almond Joy bars…

…. Wait, I actually like Almond Joy Pieces, they’re one of the things I most look forward to on road trips across the border… DAMMIT!

Regardless, cheers to Scott, Greg, Nick and Rich for swinging this one. Should be a groovy thing indeed.