Scars of Caen: Blighterghast

Cards on the table: I love league models.

That’s about it, really. I love ’em. Warmachine and Hordes are chock full of models that appeal to all kinds of players. Some have amazing rules, some have amazing sculpts, some have amazing concepts – and of course, a bunch have all three, and we spend our tabletop time (tabletime?) pushing beloved models around the board. -Why- they appeal isn’t particularly relevant. We simply do love them, whatever the reason.

Privateer’s organized play league models, though, push us that little bit further. Hey, they say, you like model X? What if – and that’s a key term,  these are temporary “what it…” models – your beloved model X had an extra rule, just for a few weeks? What if your beloved model X had a little bit more flavour? Oh, and of course, you can use it as a basis for customising your model as well… 2014’s Scars of Caen leagues haven’t disappointed. We’ve had Charsaug, Halfaug and Scaefang bringing flame, frost and ash, and now Blighterghast drips caustic acid all about willy-nilly. You’d think he’d be more responsible with that stuff…

We’ve come to expect awesome niftiness with the League models, but for the Blighterghast league – for which you can download the rules HERE, and the cards in particular HERE – we have a twist on the usual fare in that in a number of cases we have League variants on character models, and in once case two separate models for the players to choose between.

As with previous Scars of Caen leagues, participants need to decide if they’re Opportunists ( trying to take advantage of the dragonblight’s impact on the local environs) or Purists (trying to minimise and/or repair the damage done). Depending on which side you align yourself, your league models will gain different abilities. Today we summarize them for your easy reference. Please refer to the cards themselves

CYGNAR: Caustic Triumph

  • Opportunist: Snap Fire – If you destroy an enemy model with your gun, hey! Have a free shot!
  • Purist: Reload – Rate of Fire 2? On a Character Defender? Seems like a thing.

PROTECTORATE OF MENOTH: Caustic Blood Of Martyrs

  • Opportunist: Opportunist (Hah!) – An extra die on attack and damage rolls while completely within the target’s back arc.
  • Purist: Aggressive – Run or Charge without needing to spend focus.

KHADOR: Caustic Black Ivan

  • Opportunist: Killing Spree – Every time you destroy a model with a melee attack you can more 1″ and make another attack.
  • Purist: Quick Work – Take out a model in melee, get a free shot from that dirty great bombard.

CRYX: Caustic Erebus

  • Opportunist: Dodge – Because he wasn’t hard enough to tag already… when an opponent misses with an attack you can move 2″.
  • Purist: Dark Shroud – Reducing the armour of any victim in melee with Erebus by 2…


  • Opportunist: Witch Hunter – If an opponent casts a spell within 10″, Hypnos takes a shot. Boom! Please, Deathjack, cast a spell so I can void lock you!
  • Purist: Spell Booster – What’s better than an arc node on a heavy? An arc node on a heavy that reduces the cost of an arc’d spell!


  • Opportunist: Electromagnetic – Enemy models in B2B cannot move except to change facing. Board control much?
  • Purist: Polarity Field – Because a vector with two 11″ guns and a plasma nimbus needs to be impossible to charge as well. Apparently.

MERCENARIES: Caustic Ghordson Avalancher

  • Opportunist: Counter Slam – Several tonnes of Rhulic steel should totally have the reflexes needed to shove a charging titan out of the way…
  • Purist: Barrier – Because several tonnes of Rhulic steel is *definitely* an obstacle you can take shelter behind.

TROLLBLOODS: Caustic Dire Troll Bomber

  • Opportunist: Mad Bomber – blast damage buff means those barrels are going to take bigger chunks out of opposing infantry.
  • Purist: Saboteur – + 2 to damage rolls on models directly hit. ROF2 POW18 gun, anyone?

 SKORNE: Caustic Titan Canoneer

  • Opportunist: Gun & Run – It’s Sprint for ranged attacks!
  • Purist: Siege Slam – Now, I love me some Assault, but stacking a cannon shot on top of a slam is just pain rude.

LEGION: Caustic Seraph

  • Opportunist: Ride-By Attack – I think this one’s pretty self explanatory.
  • Purist: Force Barrier – Because warbeasts should totally be DEF16 against ranged attacks and immune to blast damage…

THORNFALL: Caustic Road Hog

  • Opportunist: Advanced Deployment – Because the insane threat range of these things isn’t enough already
  • Purist: Hyper Aggressive – Another older ability, but even more ways to get the beastie across the board

BLINDWATER: Caustic Swamp Horror

  • Opportunist: Squiddish – Best ability name ever… and 4″ melee reach during its activation!
  • Purist: Unyielding – Because a little extra armour never hurt.

Now, the more astute of you may have noticed that I skipped Circle. That’s because their cards deserve a little more space. Yup, cards, plural. Throughout the Scars of Caen league fiction we’ve met Waykeeper Caelyn and Roghlof the warpwolf. Rather than giving us a league twist on another heavy warbeast, we get both characters to play with!

For the Purists, Waykeeper Caelyn.

Caelyn’s a 3pt Blackclad character solo, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is another Blackclad Wayfarer. Caelyn has a one pt advantage in DEF and ARM over the Warfarer, but falls below in almost every other category and doesn’t have the elemental immunities. Why, then, is she more expensive?

  1. Cleansing Ritual. Caelyn still has Phase Jump and Stone Spray, but trades Hunter’s Mark for the ability to selectively remove any number of animi, upkeep spells, or continuous affects on any models – friendly or enemy – within 5″. Oh, and she has Magic 8 rather than 7 too.
  2. Prowl. A little extra survivability is a thing.
  3. Raw Talent. An extra dice on all damage rolls. That includes Stone Spray, and boosted POW12’s kill ‘casters.
  4. Will of Orboros. While Caelyn doesn’t have the immunity icons, this ability is a double defensive whammy, granting immunity to all continuous effects _and_ replicating the Covenant of Menoth’s Ancient Shroud by limiting the total damage she takes from any attack to 1.
  5. Act of Desperation. The name is valid, but the potential payoff’s huge. By accepting a -2 penalty to stats across the board, Caelyn can get a second activation. Sooo a second Stone Spray with 3d6 damage rolls, for example…

For the Opportunists, Rochlof

Rochlof’s statline largely imitates the standard Pureblood Warwolf, though he’s 1pt more expensive and has 1 more MAT and CMD. He loses a pt of Fury, but runs up to a Threshold of 12, so there’s a thing right there. What else?

  1. Horrific Howl. An animus that grants an extra dice on all ranged attack rolls for 1 Fury. With a 10″ POW14 spray, that’s horrific alright.
  2. Warping. Warp Strength remains, but Spell Ward and Ghostly make way for Fog Bank – concealment for Rochlof and any models within 2″ – and Shadow Walker, granting immunity to Free Strikes and the capacity to advance through other models.
  3. Independent Warbeast. You force Rochlof in your control area, but he’s not part of your battlegroup, and he automatically removes 1 Fury during the Maintenance Phase. You may need some other Fury management tools to clean him off completely, but with a Threshold of 12 you can likely afford to run him hot.
  4. Regeneration. Okay, the Pureblood gets regen as well, but Rochlof’s is d3+1 rather than just d3…
  5. Life Trader. As if giving him the ability to have 3d6 attack rolls on his spray before boosting wasn’t enough, Rochlof can take 1pt of damage to have 3d6 on his melee damage rolls, again with the option to boost after that.

The Blighterghast league starts this week, and is four weeks of shenanigans using these models, thematic environment effects on  your games and some custom scenarios. Will you end up with one of the victory medallions?