Strider Blightblades & Strider Rangers

Caveat: I’ve never played Legion. The faction’s aesthetics don’t fir my personal style. That said, I *have* painted Lylyth2 as a gift, and one of the first fully painted armies we gave away as part of our Templecon fundraising efforts was a Rhyas Rearguard theme force painted by myself and Plarzoid… and if I had to pick any variant on the Blighted Nyss as my favourite Legion sculpts, the Striders would be right up there. Accordingly, I was quite intrigued when we heard we were getting resculpts!

Way back when, all we had were Striders. Then we got MkII, and they were renamed Strider Rangers, and we thought “Huh…”, and then forgot about it, and then they said “Hey, we’re making Blightblades!” and we were all “Whaaaaat????”

TWO BAGGIES! Because we have all the bits.

Each strider’s body is a single component, and they come with some of the most impressive capes I’ve seen. These are shared components across both unit types – the Rangers and the Blightblades.

Five of the six bodies are single piece, with the unit leader being a two piecer. Each has a shaped socket at the shoulders to help you work out which cape goes with which body.

The leader is a two part body, pops together nicely enough and the cape adds a nice degree of swoosh.

You get two – TWO! – rows of heads with the kit. The cowled heads are for the Rangers, and the bare heads with bandannas for the Blightblades.

If you do happen to assemble the Rangers, you have a selection of quivers and swords in scabbards to attach.

And of course, your Rangers need bows as well.

If you angle for Blightblades, you get the joy of pairing up stabby knife arms.

Lost painter Gaspy got in touch with his inner winter elf and slapped paint on the Blightblades; they’re now set to stab ALL THE THINGS.

The Strider Blightblades/Rangers are a November release, ready to spring forward and spread the word of Everblight. You may find them bouncing around shelves at your FLGS.