The journey to Templecon begins with a neigh

The waffling is over. I’ve decided on a faction for Templecon after being torn six different directions for the last several months, and despite my peers all tossing their opinions at me favoring different choices, it was Tim Simpson who put the nail in the wafflecoffin by pointing out just how long I’ve owned Dawnguard Destors without assembling, let alone painting, them.

Thus, Incissar Vyros finally hit the painting table.


I’ve now played four games with Iosan Horselord, and while I miss Mobility, there’s still a lot to be said for ole’ one-eye. Hrm.. is he the Nick Fury of Ios?? The model’s *done enough* for me to play him at the FLGS, but there’s still some work to be done.

I’ll be bringing Vyros’ theme force – Guardians of the Gate – as my primary list at Templecon, but because I gotta be me, I won’t be painting up a dozen Griffons. I’m not ruling out bringing a few, but I just can’t do the Griffon Spam thing while being true to my quirky self. There *will* be two units of Advance Deploy Dawnguard Sentinels, there *will* be Dawnguard Destors, and the Death Chicken will be returning to Templecon…

Of course, I still have no idea what I’ll be bringing for my alternate list, nor who I’ll bring as my third ‘caster for Thunderdome, but the Road to Templecon is long and winding. More than anything else I’m just glad to have taken the first step.

One Response to The journey to Templecon begins with a neigh

  1. eVyro is a solid caster and one of the only two casters I feel can get mileage out of the Destors (the other being Issyria.) Perhaps Ossyan is a good caster to pair with him as your Vyros list will likely be melee centric. Always glad to see more and more Ret on the table 😀