Weekend shopping sprees

Good morning, Losties! It’s almost time for our South-o’-the-border pals to celebrate Thanksgiving, and along with that we’re being inundated with offers and deals and sales for the dreaded Black Friday, which to the best of my knowledge is not the name of an actual pirate ship, and then through to Cyber Monday, which I’m told does not have eye lasers at all, so that’s kind of disappointing.

Regardless, I thought today we’d take a quick moment to tip our hats to Privateer and our Sponsors by sharing with you what they’ve got going awn. Awn? Is that how’s you’d spell “on”, but all street-like? Man, I’m so street I have cement curbs and driveways. Aww yeah.

Privateer Press

jinglebutcherLet’s start with the main event. Privateer Press have been the rock on which Lost Hemisphere stands for years now, and we appreciate their continued support of our nerdy endeavours. This year they’re offering a plethora of bundles – High Command, Level 7, IKRPG, ZKO, Skull Island, and of course, every darn faction for Warmachine and Hordes. You can check out the Insider blog here to see what’s happ’nin. I already own all of the IKRPG books, but I’ll confess I’m tempted to order some more for Christmas gifts, and then keep that shiny pin all for myself…

… Oh, and if you spend $150 or more, you also score the jolly happy soul on the right there.

Dragon Forge Design

dflogoJeff over at Dragon Forge has made it nice and simple: The more you spend, the more you save… Oh, and of course, the more bases you’ll get! Click here to see the details of the sale, but for the sake of summarizing:

  • You want $30 worth of bases? Yours for $25.
  • You want $60 worth of bases? Yours for $50.
  • You want $125 worth of bases? Yours for $100.
  • You want $250 worth of bases? Yours for $200.

As someone looking ahead to plan my 2015 army projects, the prospect of getting a headstart with some awesome base deals goes a long way. Note, do pay attention to the terms of the special. Jeff is currently working on meeting the manufacturing demands of his first successful kickstarter (Woot!), and shipping times are being affected accordingly.

KR Multicase

krlogoKR is a British company at its source, but like a certain wily Austalian who’s infiltrated your North American culture and has plans to make you all eat vegemite, KR has a US facility as well. Did you know that? You should have known that. According to the newletter that went out earlier this week, there’s something going on. No, it’s not a sale in the sense that you can get stuff cheaper than normal… no, instead, you get something for free! From the newsletter:

A brief but worthwhile newsletter to let you know that KR USA are having a Black Friday sale.  In fact we are giving away a free case with certain orders over the Thanksgiving period from the 27th November to the 1st December.

To get a free case, simply buy any Kaiser Transport Bag, any Backpack or any Aluminum Case and you will get a standard size card case including trays completely FREE !  The free case will appear at the checkout, just let us know which trays to put in there – choose from any of our range of Core, Custom and even the Colour trays too. 

I can’t say enough about the joys of maneuvering through convention halls with my Kaiser1 or Backpack1, comfortably knowing that I’m not taking out innocent bystanders every time I swing around. Find out the full terms here.

Broken Egg Games

I think we’ll let their promo graphic speak for this one.


Broken Egg’s known for their exquisite wood tournament trays, but look at them thar thumbnails. Resin scenery – trenches, hills, walls, water features. Keen on Steamroller 2015? Get yourself some gorgeous objective markers thematically appropriate for your army! Netrunner, Blood Bowl, X-Wing and more are catered for. Even a little Love Letter, if you’re feeling sappy. Click here to take a peek at their new offerings.

Of course, these aren’t the only offers available to you should you been keen to take advantage of this weekend’s opportunity to buy me Christmas presents – even our old friends at Advanced Deployment have a sale going on and have added a craptonne of stuff to their catalogue – but we’re especially grateful to our sponsors for their support throughout the year, and we look forward to giving you even more opportunities to get your mitts on some of their stuff with our Templecon fundraiser, in support of the Hope Alzheimer’s Centre.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the laser clinic to have zappy machines shoot me repeatedly in the eyes in the hope of either removing the need for spectacles, or developing laser vision of my own. Pew! Pew!