Whut I did on my weekend

As many of you know, either from being longtime readers, followers on Facebook or Twitter, or listening to far too many episodes of Lost Hemisphere Radio, I’m a fairly busy guy. As much as I’d like to say Lost Hemisphere has all of my attention and dedication, I have many other demands on my time, not the least of which are the Gdaykids and that pesky job thingie that my employer demands I attend five days a week.

Accordingly, it’s a special treat when I get to spend an afternoon or evening gaming that isn’t part of the regular routine. This weekend, I was a lucky duck, and it all started because my FLGS was finally able to get some Relic Knights models from the distributor-who-shall-not-be-named.

This inspired a flurry of emails and texts, and thus was the day planned, but not just around Soda Pop’s tabletop miniatures… my favourite card game was also on the agenda, and then there were these guys waiting to take center-stage on Broadway…

… because after playing King of Tokyo at Gencon, when I saw King of New York was in stock at the Hobby Kingdom I kinda had to grab it.

Shenanigans ensued initially at the Gdaycave. I had thought Captain Fish would be my champ, but after floundering (hah!) in our first game, I changed gears to Rob, who took on Draconis for the title of KING OF NEW YORK!!! In the end, Bleep Boop Rob Is King Of New York Bleep Boop.

Pals Jorge and Kitty joined up at the store for more Big Apple Regency Bouts, and I’m sad to say that Rob wasn’t able to repeat last night’s performance.

After that, well, Jorge had picked up the Cerci Speed Circuit starter, and my Black Diamonds were keen for a bout, so we once again attempted to identify which rules we’d managed to misunderstand or misinterpret. Pal and occasional Lost writer Valrus came by as well, with a Doctrine starter, so after Leopold Magnus put that upstart Marie-Claude in her place…

… Valrus got to play his first game! He and Jorge played it out while I helped Kitty assemble Reznik, Wrath of Ages – a worthy endeavor indeed.

Pal Steve joined us later in the afternoon, Kitty put her partially assembled chariot aside, and while Jorge and Valrus continued to beat each other up in Relic Knights we had another round of King of New York. Rob performed well, but in the end victory went to Mantis, with his chainsaw and other whirring bits.

And then it was High Command time! Thankfully I had a bunch of decks already assembled (though it appears not enough as I’d like). Steve took my Menites, Valrus Convergence, Jorge had his Trollbloods (which Kitty played while he had to take a phone call) and I brought out the Skorne… who won the Castle of the Keys with 37VPs! Many a warbeast got lost in the ruins or fell of a crumbling parapet that day….

All in all, it was an excellent afternoon and evening, even if it was several hours spent NOT painting a Destor Thane to earn points for the Blighterghast League.