Xerxis, Fury of Halaak

Templecon is always an absolute hoot of a time (yes, I’m old enough to use that expression). From the thrills and spills of Iron Arena to the shadowcasts, from the arcade to the board game room, from the rampant speculation as to what genre the person in the steampunk gasmask with cyberware is intending to cosplay, it’s a fantastic place to be every February.

Oh, and then there’s that little thing where Privateer Press holds a keynote speech and shows a slideshow promoting new shinies expected in the coming year, such as Blight Wasps, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed, and XERXIS ON A MOTHERBLEEPING RHINO!

Thanks to Lostie Natalie, I was one of the lucky souls to get one at GenCon, and with his street release this month it’s finally time to showcase all the bits!

The bulk of the model is a piece of, well frankly, beautifully cast resin. Cleanup required on the main body, as much as it looks like an fat, armoured maggot with a foul temper, is very minimal indeed.

The armour is crisp and clean and pretty much devoid of mold lines and the like. How nice? So nice.

Segmented armour runs down the length of the tail, anchored with rope.

Fore- and hind-limbs match up to their sockets on the body nicely. The two shorter ones are the fore-limbs, they’ll gain some apparent bulk once we add the…

… shoulder armour! Man, these Skorne guys love their intricate jaggy armour bits even more than the Circle Orboros. It makes for a challenging yet rewarding painting experience.

The two-domed armour piece rests on the back of the Cerops in front of Xerxis himself. You could totally paint one up as one of those mirrored gazing balls some people put in their gardens…

It wouldn’t be a Skorne model without some spikey bits. The smallest metal spike goes behind the enormous resin one, as the Cerops’ secondary horn.

The two slightly larger spikes go on the tail, flanking the little teeny rudimentary one.

Ears and cheek armour finish out our beasty’s head. Note the little wrinkles and scars on the ear – This fellow’s battle-tested. Either that, or his attendant cleaner birds get really enthusiastic when picking parasites out of his wrinkles.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Skorne kit without tassels.

Now, what about the man of the hour? Well…. samurai desert masochist elf thingie of the hour, at least… Xerxis starts with two legs already part of the Cerop’s main body.

On top of this goes another resin piece, including his layered plates of thigh armour and bonus trailing skirt. He feels oh, so pretty when it blows in the wind.

On top of THAT part goes his chest, including obligatory Skorne gemstone in the middle. Paint it like a target, I dare you… or a giant eyeball, to creep the heck out of people.

His angry little head nestles in there, all snug as a very angry bug in a rug.

And then we add shoulder pads on either side to keep him nice and warm, and to make Vlad Tzepesci jealous.

Each hand is a separate component, and given the amount of metal held at the join, I’d quite recommend pinning these in place. The standard also has a fair bit of weight on top of the handle, so be mindful of bending.

Finally, Xerxis isn’t Xerxis without back banners. The ancestors of Halaak would be proud… also, again, consider pinning.


Lost Painter Nick, though he’s apparently going by “Tuna” nowadays, brought out his retro scheme to do painting chores on the Fury of Halaak.


No matter what angle, Xerxis, Fury of Halaak, is every bit the Tyrant he used to be before his injuries, and now he’s got a dirty great rhino beastie to ride around on. I don’t think I need to spell out awesomeness when it’s right in front of you.

It’s also on shelves at FLGS’s this month, and if you’re looking to dominate the soft peoples of Western Immoren, he’s a solid tool to add to your arsenal.

PS: Lostie Lonelymonk posted his own unboxing over at The Monk’s Cave. Take a gander.