Earl’s Brain Trust, and how you can help


Look at this handsome fellow and his lovely bride. This,folks, is the face of a Lostie. And his lovely bride. And some random couple in the background. That’s either the guy’s arm or an enormous hoagie. The guy up front is Earl Barnett, with his wife Florrie. Earl has been a Lostie since the early days, tagging along and reading blog posts and commenting now and then, chatting with me on the Bookface and other such shenanigans. He’s a man I admire and respect, not only for his ability to sprout masculine chin hair, but also because he’s just a straight up guy.

Now, here’s the rub.

Grade III Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma.

earlsbraintrustjpgThat’s more casually known as a dirty great cancerous brain tumor. Earl has one of these horrid things sitting in his head being all unpleasant and stuff. Now, like everyone who suffers from a form of cancer, Earl would sorta prefer to not have cancer, and to survive to a ripe old age. He has plenty of reasons, including a classroom full of kids he can’t teach right now, the aforementioned lovely bride Florrie, and at this very second Florrie’s carrying around a Baby Barnett in her tum-tum, and I don’t know about you, but I think it’d be kinda awesome if said baby got to have its dad hanging around. Also, they should name it Chris. It’s just a great name.

The challenge is that Earl resides in the United States, where the required treatments are expensive as heck, and since he can’t work, it’s getting rough as nuts trying to (a) pay the medical bills, (b) get by, and (c) prepare for the new bub.

This is where you come in. Earl’s Brain Trust is a thing, and you can be a part of it.

I’m posting a link right here.


That’s a link to the Lost Hemisphere Swag Bag, where there’s a brand new section called Earl’s Brain Trust. You can click that too, if you like. Lost pal Tyler’s done up a pretty badass logo for the Brain Trust (that actually more closely reflects Earl’s current manly beardness), and I’ve set it up on a variety of shirts for menfolk and ladyfolk, that you can purchase for your very own. Now, I don’t normally put any appreciable markup on stuff sold through the Swag Bag – I’m just happy there’s folks out there who occasionally want to sport the LH logo – but the stuff in the Brain Trust section has a few bucks markup on each item. This is because any proceeds from sales of Earl’s Brain Trust items will be forwarded to Earl’s GiveForward Fundraiser.

So yeah. To reiterate and emphasize, if you buy any Earl’s Brain Trust stuff, EVERY PENNY that ends up in my hands will be passed on to the GiveForward fundraiser set up by Earl’s pal Katie, and those funds will be used to help pay for chemo and other medical stuffs, to help them make it day-to-day while Earl’s unable to work, and also to help with the costs of spawning a brand new Baby Barnett.

Long story short, there’s a Lostie in real need right now. We here at LH would like to help, and we’re trying to make it possible for you to help too. If you’re not digging the shirts, that’s cool, you could always support the GiveForward campaign directly if you’re able, the links are right there. If you can’t support financially – and that’s okay too, many of us are on limited budgets this time of year – then please at least keep Earl, Florrie and Baby Barnett in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your time.

Chris Miller

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