Hobby Kingdom Christmas Painting Exchange 2015

Every year at The Hobby Kingdom we embrace the spirit of the season by gifting other members of the community with out painting skills! Everyone hands in a model, they’re sorted into mysteeeerious brown paper bags, and then allocated to the participants. Everyone ends up with a model they want or need for their army(-ies), painted for them as a gift, and we all get to share in the spirit of the season by painting something other than the 37th Trencher or Flameguard trooper in the line. Isn’t that neat? Unfortunately, not all of the models were available at the time of photosnappery, and thanks to a couple of guys jumping in at the last minute (You know who you are, Valrus and Gaspy) my list of who painted for whom is out of date. Regardless, here’s some pretty pics!

I painted this thing! Lost pal Nick needed a Zaadesh for his Skorne horde. Now he’s ready for those Scarab packs…

Nick painted for Dieson!

Dieson painted for Snake Eyes! Er… I mean, for TK421! Er… bugger it, it’s for Tom, and he knows it.

TomK42SnakeEyes painted for Gaspy!

Gaspy painted for Sinnercain!

Sinnercain painted for Solon!


Solon is painting for Titanica. His model wasn’t ready in time for me to take pics, but he posted a shot online himself…

Titanica, on the other hand, is well behind the  ball (tsk tsk) and is painting Tyrant Vorkesh for Valrus. He promises it’ll be ready by the 29th.

Valrus painted for SmellMyFinger!

Azathor painted for Ernyoth!

Ernyoth painted this little firebug for 49

49 painted for Azathor!

and SmellMyFinger painted for me, but the model wasn’t attached to the base at the time of photosnappery.

I love that this event can bring together the local Warmachine community, and Spud’s even got the local Infinity players to hold a paint exchange of their own. We’ll do it again in the Summer, but there’s something special about a festive hobby event during the Christmas season.

How does your community celebrate?

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  1. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    What a really great community event. Nice bit of surprise with gifts.