Paddling upstream: Incissar Vyros, 3 weeks later

I’ve got a few weeks’ worth of play with Incissar Vyros’ theme force – Guardians at the Gate – so I thought I’d share a quick stream of consciousness update with my immediate thoughts. I can’t say I’ve played the list against myriad opponents and factions, since the demands on my time as a parent and all that jazz mean I can only really get one 50pt game in at the FLGS on a Monday night, but some impressions have already been made.

To recap, the theme benefits are cheaper Destors with unlimted Field Allowance, Advance Deployment for Sentinels, a first turn speed boost for all Destor units and solos, and a free focus allocated to each Myrmidon in the first Control phase. It’s this last one that kicks the Griffon-spam list into overdrive since they can all run into position on the first turn, but being the contrarian that I am, I refuse to field 8 Griffons just because it’s viable. I’m not averse to fielding three or four warjacks, but the heart and soul of the Retribution, to me, is its infantry, and Lord knows I use things like this to motivate me to get stuff painted, and I have way too many unpainted Dawnguard models (let alone  unassembled… like two boxes of Destors…).


Accordingly, I’ve been trying out the tier 2 theme benefit – Advance Deployed Dawnguard Sentinels – until I’m in a position to actually field painted Dawnguard Destors. I’ve long been a fan of Sentinels, what with their 10” threat range as P+S12 Weapon Masters and Vengeance, so the idea of setting them up an additional 6” into the board, meaning they’re able to run into position to force your opponent’s hand that much easier, is enticing. The units can be nicely protected from distance threats by going to ARM19 against such thanks to Deflection from Incissar Vyros, and charging Weapon Masters can – and will – seriously ruin just about anyone’s day.

The only disappointment is that only one unit gets to have a unit attachment, and as with many things, it’s the UA that takes a decent unit and makes them bananas. Of course, only one unit getting a UA is normal, this really is a First World Iosan Problem.

So with Sentinels being the focus, the 50pt list(s) I’ve been kicking tires with have been:

  • Incissar Vyros
  • -Imperatus
  • -(Myrmidons to fill in points)
  • Sentinels (10) + UA + Soulless
  • Sentinels (10)
  • Destor Thane

While I’ve been able to goof around with the Myrmidon layout – Hyperion, Hydra, and yes, Mike, a mix of Lights – the rest has stayed solid based largely on which models I already has painted, until I can get some ponies in there.

Now, it’s been effective – again, Sentinels are a thing, and the Thane’s no slouch – but I can’t say for sure I’ve  enjoyed playing it. Each game has gone largely the same way. The Sentinels rush in to get in the way, only one unit gets Vengeance, and the myrmidons move up behind, shooting until they’re in position to get into the fray. I’m not getting a lot of flexibility or variety in my game.

To that end, I’ll be ditching the second unit of Sentinels and switching in some Invictors to try out for now. I’m really hoping I can get these darn Destors  done in time…

… which actually presents another issue. I’ve got two awesome Australians making the road trip to Templecon with me, and we’ll be cramming all of our stuff into my car. I’m also planning on bringing High Command, Super Dungeon Explore, Netrunner, possibly Arena Rex and Relic Knights. There’s only so much space in my car, so I’m trying to limit how much space will be taken up by KR cases. Ideally I’d like to squeeze the entirety of my WM models making the trip into a single KR case, which means whoever I choose as my second warcaster is going to need to have a lot of model crossover with my Vyros list, especially if I’m potentially looking at bringing 13 cavalry models.

Let’s face it, with Destor units receiving a point reduction, FA opening up and their being able to run 20” on the first turn, I really need to put some hooves on the table.

3 Responses to Paddling upstream: Incissar Vyros, 3 weeks later

  1. Ha! 8 Griffons?!? I’ve only run into him once, at an event, played by the inimitable Dan Melia. He was running ~14 light myrmidons, wishnailer and a couple of mechanics. My poor Legion were well and truly kerb stomped! 😀

  2. im with you in griffin spam. i think it’s a crutch the elves are leaning on. I’ve been toying with ways to beat griffin spam myself, but that’s a different discussion.

    I’m not sure I’d go with 2units of sentinels. As you said, only one unit gets the UA. currently I’m running full destors, 2 thanes, full sentinels + UA, imperatus, and myrms to fill.

    I really like how the destors can be rockets the first turn. Going first they are at the 27″ line and if you go 2nd they end up at 30″ on a full run. You threaten zones and objectives obscenely quickly.

    If you pop feat the get even further downfield as one or more start to die.

  3. I have played the list with a min until of Destors and like them as a jam unit.