Paint The Target: Nov Results, Dec Challenge

ZOMG, You survived the Thanksgiving weekend! Or, if you’re not American, you survived the regular ole’ standard end of November weekend! Phew, cos now I need you all to pay attention and prepare for the Festive season. Christmas is almost here, with all of the attendant trappings, and it’s imperative that we be ready to defend ourselves from the incoming Tactical Assault Elves that the jolly fat man’s going to send our way.

But first, let’s salute those brave souls who submitted entries for the November challenge. You’ll recall, being diligent devotees of the Target series, that this time around we needed a touch of magic…

Hrm, thought I, who should we open this month’s Target post with? No, Not That One… Not That One… NOT_THAT_ONE! Despite relocating to the land of Hobbits, Target regular Not_That_One has delivered with a very negative Trollkin Sorcerer.

Local Lostie 49 sets up the double whammy with a pair of spell slinging support solos! Say that five times fast… The Willbreaker and the Vassal of Menoth are both very worthy additions to either of their armies.

From Andrew, who didn’t provide an online monicker, has dipped into the Warhammer world with a warrior priest and an amber wizard. How many spikes do you get to add to a warhammer before it stops being a bludgeoning weapon and becomes a piercing one?

Regular Arcan21, last month’s winner, returns with Makeda, sans her Exalted Court. Quick! Now’s our chance to take her down without those two Ancestral Busybodies getting in the way!

Titan represent! Dicewraith returns to the fold with a Nephilim Bloodseer, the most dramatically posed of all Nephilim. It’s like he’s just landed after flying over a building and he’s all “Come at me, brah!”

Dtesoro knows that sometimes a magic whammy is best delivered at the end of a big stick. In this case, a nifty tetsubo brings the kapow for Ototo of the Ten Thunders.

I think Gramut’s trying to appeal to my heritage. Beer? Beer. Borka Kegslayer’s accompanied by the Pyg affectionately known as Keggy. The Pyg Whelp I can only assume is named Bung.

LazyPeon’s been watching Weird Science again. In the absence of Kelly LeBrock, he’s realized that bald really is beautiful, and Arkadius is just plain dreamy. Of course, that may just be the hallucinogenic compounds in that arcantric syringe of his…


Chadi’s got a thing for underslung weapons, I’m thinking. Darius is a lot more secure in his walking porta-potty now that he’s actually thought to wear a helmet, but it’s the underslung steam cannon that gets me.


With a monicker like Tempest Gayle, it’s no surprise when the entry is a Cygnaran. Of course, it surprises none of the loyal Menites in the readership to notice that Stryker flys the Black Swan here, showing his allegiance to ballet movies… or at least, Natalie Portman.

Lost pal Lonelymonk brings us one of the most intricate little models in Privateer’s stable, Tyrant Zaadesh. Tall and slender, if he hadn’t taken up tyranting he might have had a career in modelling.

Now, if *I* was a pistol wraith, I’d be all about a fabulous petticoat. Polluxx totally understands that. When you’re hanging about beyond the grave and seeking duels with other pistoleers, it’s important to look one’s best.

Finally, Tomek’s Aiyanna is, frankly, stunning. I’m well aware of the old adage about blue and green  together in the same outfit, but I think this breach of fashion protocol is just dandy.


Just to show you that sleeping on the job can pay off, the winner of this month’s random participation prize is… LAZYPEON! I get to ship another package to the old country! Cheers, sir, email me your address and we’ll go from there.!


Now, way back there – all the way up there – I warned you that we’re moving into trepidatious times indeed, and we must be ready for the onslaught. To that end, your December challenge is to Defend Yourself! Set your spear against the enemy’s charge! Raise your shield and lock it with your brethren! Use whatever wards and spells you can! This month’s target tasks you to paint models with defensive tricks. Abilities and Effects that make you harder to hit or more resilient to damage. The model holding a shield is only the beginning…

Send in your pics of melee models to by Noon, December 28th. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end 😉

2 Responses to Paint The Target: Nov Results, Dec Challenge

  1. ooh the shading on Aiyanna is delicious!

  2. Very nice work there – shame my paint-foo and dipped as of late. Will do all I can to return this month.