Praetorian Keltarii & Swordsmen

When you grow up in the middle of a harsh, unforgiving environment where your entire culture is built around concepts of pain, torture, and wearing as many spiky bits on your armour as you can so as to give you the advantage should one of those pink squishy Immorese folks try to hug you right when you’re in the middle of enjoying a sip of your pumpkin spice latte, it can be difficult imagining what you want to do when you’re finally old enough to make your own choices. Well, those choices your family Dominar will let you make. If you’re destined to end up amidst the ranks of the Praetorians, do you want to ride a psychotic tiger beastie? Nah, hairballs on the rug suck. What about a spear and shield? Nah, you’ve got a whole hand tied up with a big metal plate. So… Swordsmen or Keltarii? Why not both in the same box!

The Praetorian Swordsman reboxing and resculpt into plastic is happy times. That it comes with the option to build a unit of Keltarii instead is pure gravy. Spiky gravy, because we’re talking about Skorne here.

Sooo many little bits…

One of the flaws with the old method of getting full units – buying a minimum unit in a box and then adding two blisters – was that you inevitably ended with a leader sculpt, four of one grunt sculpt, four or a second grunt sculpt, and then one lonesome straggler grunt. The full unit reboxings fix that nicely, giving you three of each grunt model.

The bodies are headless, but otherwise well appointed. There’s still plenty of that filigree that makes us all go blind when we try to paint it. You can’t hear me celebrating, but it’s totally in character for Skorne models to punish you for trying to paint them in the first place 😉

A second baggie holds all of the shoulderpads and separated heads. Yes, they’re as spiky as ever.

If you opt to build the Swordsment, you can easily sort the arms out by paying attention to the direction the thumbs are pointing. I love that some of these have their swords held in a reverse grip.

The polearms are already connected to  both arms, saving you the challenge of trying to line them up correctly with the shoulders of the model. Some are a little warped, but that’s nothing 30 second and some hot water can’t fix.

The arms are loose enough that you’ll be able to position them on either side of the torso easily enough. Clearly, actually gluing them in place would have shown better, but if I’m getting one of the LH staff painters to tackle the painting chores, I don’t like to hand them preassembled models.

The only polearm not held in a two-handed grip is the unit leader, who also clenches his fist menacingly.

That’s another neat thing about the kit – different heads for the two different unit leaders. OPTIONS, PEOPLE!


Lost painter Nick shuffled his painting schedule to knock out the unit leader for us, and since we’re approaching Christmas, there’s some festive happenings in the background, confusing him. I mean, can you imagine a Skorne’s reaction to witnessing his first Christmas family gathering? “So… you force these people to hang out with their entire family for hours!??!?!!?? And I thought *we* were sadistic!

Silly Skorne soldier, you just don’t get it. Have some eggnog.