Taking the newly painted Invictors for a field test.

After all the excitement of finally getting the Invictors painted, it was time to take them to the FLGS and get a game in. Of course, they’ve been part of my Incissar Vyros list for some time now, but there’s always the off chance someone will sucker me into a tournament at Templecon, in which case I need a second warcaster. Being able to fit all the Warmachine models I’m bringing into a single KR case is a priority, as is making sure that both lists will fit on a single Broken Egg tray.  I pondered, and I pondered, then I had a drink and thought “Rahn!”. He was the man of the hour for me at my very first Templecon, it was time for him to rise again.

I looked very serious at the store last night in my awesome Brain Trust shirt. As a reminder, you can buy these shirts from the Lost Hemisphere Swag Bag, with proceeds going to help Lostie Earl Barnett as he duels with the evil cancerous tumor that’s taken up residence in his brain. It’s for a good cause, people…

Local pal Andrew, who’s not so local any more now that he’s off doing some learnination at university, was randomly allocated Caine1 as his warcaster by the almighty Wheel of Factions (All Hail The Wheel).

On my side of the table was, and I freely admit this was a straight up kicking-tires list:

Adeptis Rahn
House Shyeel Magister
House Shyeel Artificer
House Shyeel Battle Mages (6)
Dawmguard Invictors (10) + UA

Andrew, for his part, had:

Sword Knights (10)
Gun Mages + UA
Black 13th
Forge Guard (10)
Harlan Versh
Rupert Carvolo
… something’s off there, because that doesn’t quite add up. Darn old man memory.

The dice were rolled with the Steamroller 2015 Beta packet, and Two Fronts was the scenario of the day. Thankfully, I had a couple of handy zones and some objective markers on hand.

Battle most ferocious was joined! The Invictors, bolstered by the House Shyeel Artificer as extra defense against the Gun Mages and their filthy round-ear bullet sorcery, took to the right flank where Harlan Versh, the Gun Mages, and a single Hunter waited (though admittedly, the Forge Guard were right nearby too). Between Rahn’s Chain Blast and the attacks of the Invictors themselves,the Gun Mages shortly found themselves no longer existing, and the Invictors pushed for control of the zone.

On the other side of the log pile, Imperatus went hunting Black 13th while Rahn and his House Shyeel compatriots went to town clearing Sword Knights out of the way. Arcane Shield from the Journeyman Warcaster went a long way towards protecting them from more Chain Blasts, but Adeptis Rahn orchestrated an Arcane Alignment (read: He popped his feat) and all of a sudden the Sword Knights were failing tough rolls all over the place.

Honourable mention goes to the Banshee here. My thought was to use the Banshee on turn 1, after TK’ing it up a little, to unleash its Force Cannon and push that Hunter through the Sword Knights and Forge Guard behind  it in a most forceful (hah!) manner. It missed, despite boosting the attack roll, and the Focus allocated to boost the damage roll was wasted.

Second turn I thought, you know what, surely we can’t muff this up a second time. Two focus allocated… you can see the boosted attack roll in the pic on the right. Once again, the second Focus was wasted.

Third turn, the Banshee had figured out that was it was doing wrong, was trying to shoot things instead of following Imperatus’ example and just being all stabby.

The last of the Sword Knights got poked with the pointy ends of its void blades.

Once that was done, Imperatus walked over to the Defender, jabbed it, sidestepped, jabbed it again, and then found itself sidestepping next to that rotten, dirty, low-down round-ear gunslinger who had, not long before, jumped in the air and shot a whole bunch of its friends. One double boosted stab later, a damage roll dice spike, and Caine found himself with 1 health left and on fire, because even though I’ve shelved my Menoth, there’s still a singular delight to be had in setting opposing warcasters on fire.

With the flames diligently refusing to go out at the start of Andrew’s turn, Caine apparently decided that collapsing in a burning heap was the better part of valor. RETRIBUTION VICTORY!

Now, granted, the Invictors weren’t the rock stars of the game, but they looked pretty sweet and it was wonderful to be playing fully painted again. Happy, contented sigh. I’d love to move on to more painting while I’ve got the motivation, but I need to do a bunch of reading and writing of study questions for the Gdaykids’ school. The Battle of the Books is totes a thing, ya know.

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