Blight Wasps

Man, did Legion of Everblight players get spoiled this month, or what? An absolutely amazing model in Zuriel, and a flight of bloody adorable models in the Blight Wasps! I know someone out there’s wracking their brain to find the perfect list to include these little blightbugs in, I’m interested to hear what folks have discovered.

In the meantime, let’s take a gander at what comes in the blister…

Four little Blight Wasps, sitting in a … well, Blister. Along with bases, flight stands and their card, of course.

Each Blight Wasp consists of three components. The two leg halves meet up to give you a cradle to rest the body on. That’s pretty much the sum total of the assembly, so here’s a couple of pics from different angles because, otherwise, this would be a very scant article indeed.

Of course, the models aren’t glue together here, they’re literally just resting and being pinched by my fingers, but you get the idea.

The decision to give these guys little wasp wings that could easily be painted as more Butterfly wings than anything else *has* to have been motivated by someone who painted their Shredders pink… I just *know* it… 😉


Painting chores on the Blight Wasps were undertaken by Autojack, and  I think it’s fair to say “d’awwww….” followed by “AAAH! GIT ‘EM OFF ME! GIT ‘EM OFF ME!”

Blight Wasps are available at your FLGS if you ask nicely enough, and promise not to infect the store staff with dragonblight.