IKRPG Guest Crunch: Nogix

Pal George is a super sweet guy, and he’s really getting excited about an IKRPG campaign we’re hoping to start locally in the near future. Accordingly, being the wily harsh blogmaster that I am, I saw an opportunity. “Oh George, if only I had someone contributing guest articles for the Character Crunch series, that would make me so happy…” 

Well, he fell for it, and frankly, I’m delighted. I love being able to express myself creatively through the written word, and it makes my decrepit old heart happy to give someone else the opportunity to do so as well. Enjoy!


My first Lost Hemisphere blog post!  The Bloke asked me if I would be interested in doing a write up as we will be starting a new IKRPG group at the LGS soon, and I am keen on playing.  To do that I need a character; normally I play fighters or magic users in other game systems, but my wife suggested I try something different.  So here he is, Nogix; he isn’t your normal polished killer for hire, he is more street urchin than refined assassin.  But he’s small, sneaky, and can get the job done all the same.  You just may not want to stand too close though, he hasn’t bathed in a while…

Growing up on the streets of Caspia wasn’t easy, but Nogix preferred it to the horrible orphanage where he had started out.  The orphanage had been brutal. Horrible food, abusive attendants, and mandatory work sessions every day.   It had been little more than a sweatshop and once he was big enough and strong enough he had fled.

He fell in with a crew that was running the local black market, starting out as a lookout, watching for possible trouble when cargo was being moved or “liberated” from the docks and warehouses.  Being a gobber made it easy to go along unnoticed, and he was soon running packages all over the city.  Life was going pretty well for Nogix, he had a warm safe place to sleep in one of the gang’s warehouses and coin in his pocket.  The rest of the gang treated him well, and for the first time in his life he felt he belonged.

One night while he was tucked up in his hole in the warehouse he heard some noise out on the floor.  Silently, he slipped from his hiding place and crept along the crates and catwalks to have a look.  A rival gang had broken into the warehouse and were rummaging through crates.  Anger well up inside him, these scum had broken into his home, they were stealing his stuff. He wasn’t going to allow them to do this.

The intruders had spread out throughout the warehouse, looking for the best stuff to steal, so Nogix crept his way to the one furthest.  He had no weapons, so he took out one of his boot laces he wrapped the ends around his hands, then quickly and quietly slipped the cord over the man’s head and pulled tight around his throat.  The man started thrashing about, trying desperately to throw off his attacker, but Nogix held on as hard as he could. Soon the man stopped thrashing and sank to the floor, dead.

Adrenalin surged through him. Nogix had never even been in a fight with anyone other than another orphanage brat before, let alone kill someone. The power he now felt, the rush of having taken a life, he liked it. A sound snapped him out of his reverie; the rest of the intruders were still in his warehouse.  Nogix wiped the blood off the bootlace and slipping into the shadows went about his grisly work.

In the morning when the rest of his gang arrived they found a line of bodies dragged into a row by the main door.  Nogix sat there, a little beaten and bruised, but otherwise OK.  The gang leader was impressed, and soon Nogix found himself doing other jobs…

Nogix is a Skilled, Gobber Cutthroat/GutterSnipe (See Iron Kingdoms Urban Adventure).

PHY 4 Spd 6 Str 4
AGI 4 Prw 5 Poi 4
INT 3 Arc 0 Per 3

Abilities; Lost in the Crowd, Low Breeding, Perfect Timing, Anatomical Precision, Backstab, Prowl.
Connections; Black Market
Military Skills; Hand Weapon (2), Thrown (2)
Occupational Skills; Deception (1), Escape Artist (1), Intimidation (1), Sneak (2), Streetwise (2)
Languages; Gobber, Cygnaran

Weapons; Garrote (See Full Metal Fridays, Installment 4, Week 3 for rules), Spring Blade, Sword, Throwing Knives (6)
Armor; Leather

Basic gear, plus 23 crowns for additional equipment

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  1. Love it!
    And for the record, I’m not at all concerned about sleeping next to the man who thought up this grisly little tale; in fact, I can’t wait for the next installment! 😉