Paint The Target: Dec Results, Jan Challenge

It’s 2015! Get outta here, 2014, we’re done with  you, and all about the new shiny year in front of us, burgeoning with promise and hope and just waiting for us to break all of those New Years Eve resolutions. Heck,it’s already the 5th – have you stuck with your paint-every-day resolution so far??

It’s also time for a new Target. Yes, we normally aim to get these posts up the 1st of the month, but heck, I was enjoying family time with the kids and having a birthday and … and… Get offa my lawn, you whippersnappers! (*ahem*) Now, this month’s target was to paint models that had some sort of defensive tech. It could be an ability or power that makes it harder to hit, or something that makes it more resilient to damage. I’m easy, just hard to tag. 😉 I painted my Invictor unit, but they had their own entire post (over here) so we’ll leave them off of today’s list.

First Target Model of the New Year! Taks’ Exulon Thexus would like to creep you out a little. The rubber gloves are green to  hide the bloodstains. What? No, I never said it was *your* blood…

Dicewraith’s trollbloods remind me somewhat of Anglerfish, what with the vibrant quills on muted skin tones. His Bouncer here wants to lure you close enough to whallop. BAM! Snacktime…

Kev Bryant’s Blightblades rely on Stealth to keep them safe as they move close enough to deliver a personal message. It usually starts something like “Dear Occupant, Stabbystabbystabbystabby. Regards, Royal Bank of Everblight”

I really think LazyPeon should change his  name. I mean, clearly didn’t whip this awesome Helga up while dozing on the couch. If he tried she probably would have busted out an aria on  him.

How can you be lonely when  you have *two* Vigilants to keep you company? Lost pal Lonelymonk pulls it off using his special Monk Powers that only come from decades of meditiation on solitude, in between organising conventions.

NotThatOne also painted a Bouncer, and also stole a component from a Vigilant. It’s like he’s the scavenging packrat of Target painting! I can’t wait to see what he does if I challenge him to paint something like a Gobber Tinker or Scrapjack…

You’d think with an online monicker like PlacidPlatypus we’d get a model that was calm… reserved… meditiative… but no, we get Hordes’ biggest drunken lout, Gudrun the Wanderer. Yes, he’s more loutish than Borka, no matter what his gramma says.

Like any good Guardians of the Galaxy fan, Sputniek shows proper respect to Drax the Destroyer…. what? That’s Hakaar the Destroyer? Oh… well, I’m sure they’re related somehow. Probably cousins or something.

VoltRon returns to the Target with Sophia Drake and the Diamondback. That’s an 80 mm base on the big fellow, by the way.

And we end with Tara and… the Nothing Beast? Doesn’t look like Nothing to me! I’ve seen the Never Ending Story, I know what Nothing’s supposed to look like!


He lurks in the shadows, brushes at the ready, waiting, waiting, until one of the living dares to enter the Graveyard Of Random Number Generation…. and then their souls are hiiiiiiissss….. DICEWRAITH!!! Cheers, sir, email me your address and we’ll go from there.!


It’s a brand new year, it’s impotant to look our best! Everyone wants to see who’s stepping out in their finest, and whether you have a shining pate or a luxurious coif, sometimes the best thing you can do is top it off with a trip to the milliner. A derby! A top hat! A fedora! Trilby? Sod off with your freakin’ trilby. Pork pie! Of course, given these are gaming models, it’s totally understandable to require a little more protection. Helmets! This month’s target tasks you to paint models with HEADWEAR. Basinet helm, circlet or crown, stovepipe, beret, even one of those fuzzy hats with the ear flaps. If your model has something on its noggin, it’s a legal target model!

Send in your pics of melee models to by Noon, January 28th. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end ;)

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  1. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    Right. I’m definitely getting something in for this month! I was late for September, October and November and didn’t have anything for December. So I’m pledging to complete a unit of Steelhead Cavalry, only 3, but you gotta start somewhere.

    As for this month some great stuff as usual. That nothing beast is a really interesting paintjob and my favourite from everyone’s offerings.