Project planning for 2015. Squirtle Squirtle.

We’ve discussed in the past how Lost Hemisphere’s gaming year cycles at Templecon. It’s our last hurrah (or first hurrah, depending on your perspective) before we kickstart new gaming projects. New models, new theme forces, often inspired in no small part by the Privateer Press keynote. It’s an exciting time to be a Lostie.

We’ve also discussed how certain powers that be that may or may not be pantsless podcasters voluntold me that I had to play Skorne in the new year, certain steampunk fairies obtained Rhinoxerxis at GenCon for me before they ran out of stock, and that I’ve been collecting some Skorne models based purely on whether or not I thought they looked cool, in preparation for G2015’s project army. I hadn’t necessarily determined whether or not I’d be playing Footsteps of Giants (Xerxis2’s theme force), because I’d really quite like to do something with the Venator Slingers.

And then I got older.

And Autojack handed me a box.

And it has a Siege Animantarax is in.

Some Ferox and a Willbreaker as well, but the Animantarax was the significant component.

That little part inside of me that insisted I play the High Reclaimer and Amon’s theme forces cocked an eyebrow. The drive that led me to purchase four units of Mage Hunter Strike Force and two units of Dawnguard Destors started dialing my number. Sigh. Resistance is futile.

The one saving grace is that I’ll continue playing Retribution until I’ve got enough models that I can play at least some small point games fully painted, which means I’ve got a time window in which I can wait for releases of things like the Aradii and possibly the Scarabs. That in mind, and fully acknowledging that this doesn’t include the Slingers or Hammer-Pants Marketh, a 50pt list that I can work on might look something like this:

Xerxis, Fury of Halaak
-Titan Sentry
Siege Animantarax
Tyrant Zaadesh
-Scarab Pack
-Razor Worm
Tyrant Rhadeim
Praetorian Ferox (3)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (6)

Is it viable? Heck if I know, it’s full of Skorney things that I have no idea about. It’s certainly lacking in ranged options, but with Ferox bounding everywhere and Mobility helping Xerxis and his Titans move forward, getting into melee toot sweet shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Now, when planning out a project army like this, the elephant in the room (hah!) is pondering how to make the painting schedule work. This is a brand new year we’re talking about, and resolutions do often come into play. For some, it’s the resolution to paint a certain number of models. For others, a certain amount of time per day, a certain number of points, or a specific list. The latter can be irksome because in most cases you won’t have much (or any) experience with the list, and you may find as  you play with it that it just doesn’t suit your personal playstyle.

Another option that’s still ambitious, and yet more realistic, is to paint 1 pt per day. Yes, that’s a link to the Facebook group. This is not a hard coded 1 pt per day, but at the end of the 365 days of the year, the idea is to have completed 365 pts worth of models. This makes for a flexible model – you don’t *have* to paint every day, thus allowing for vacations, sick days, and days when you’re just not feeling inspired, while still making solid progress. I can paint a light warjack in a few evenings, even at the slow pace I apply paint to models, which means that I can effectively meet the week’s requirements in maybe three days. That also allows me to get a head start on the next step if I’m feeling the painting mojo.

Right now I’m wrapped in painting for Templecon, but I painted a sekrit projekt model as a gift for someone already, so I’m meeting the requirements of the challenge thus far… and come the end of the year I’m going to be able to look back and think this may be the only New Years Resolution I’m actually able to keep… 😉

Oh, the Squirtle Squirtle thing? I was just thinking, if I replace the Flayer Cannon on the Animantarax with something approximating water cannons…

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  1. Avatar Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams says:

    I know someone that used two sea dog deck guns to convert a Spitter into a Blastoise. They made decent looking water cannons.