[Reblog] Rob Hawkins & the LH Templecon Fundraiser

I love it when a community comes together. Putting together this year’s prize table for the charity fundraiser has been an amazing experience, with people making outstanding donations, opening their hearts and wallets to help us have a metric craptonne of beautiful army mans and stuff for Templecon attendees to win.

Lost pal Seth spoke with his chum Rob Hawkins (you may have heard of him from that No Quarter rag ;)) and the two have coordinated to add this little bit of green evil to the table. Huge thanks to both Seth and Rob!

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Lost Hemisphere’s Templecon Charity Raffle

Templecon is in a few weeks, and Lost Hemisphere will be running its charity raffle to combat Alzheimer’s. Proceeds from the raffle go to the Hope Alzheimer’s Center. Prizes for the raffle include things like unopened miniatures product to fully painted models and armies. You can see the full details about the raffle and the charity on the Lost Hemisphere site.

To contribute to the prize support, I painted up this set of Asphyxious and Vociferon (models generously supplied by Seth Peterson). If you’re at Templecon, be sure to swing by and show your support!


‘Til next time!

2 Responses to [Reblog] Rob Hawkins & the LH Templecon Fundraiser

  1. Damn, that’s an amazing paint job! I’m going copy his painting, but with different color for the cloth for mine.

  2. Similar thoughts here, great work. I’m going for darker overall theme (I want the green to pop up).