Spoiled: Moros

nq58My normal policy on spoilers is not to dwell on them until we have proper releases, etc, but when you see something show up on Chain Attack Jay’s Twitter feed, clearly snapped from the No Quarter that we’re all eagerly awaiting, it’s got a degree of legitimacy behind it. That, and since it’s all about the new character myrmidon for the Retribution of Scyrah, means my attention has been, as they say, got.

We got to see Moros’ concept art in the last No Quarter, and LHR Regular Guest Michael G Ryan was more than pleased when Privateer was able to show us the cover for NQ58 via the No Quarter Facebook page.

As can be clearly seen, Moros is a very studly myrmidon indeed, with the ability to phase out – or at least, to make one hand, one foot, one shoulderpad and his back go invisible. It doesn’t seem to me like that’s be too useful, so it’s been speculated – quite fairly – that he would have Stealth like his master Garryth (pictured  behind Moros, looking all smug and sparking further conjecture that we may be looking at Epic Garryth some time in the near future) .

Moreover, the sheer preponderance of nodes on Moros – a higher ratio than even Imperatus, whom we all know to be awesome – had me wondering just what else he would be capable of. Now, thanks to the aforementioned spoiler from the upcoming magazine, we know.

MorosspoilerSo what do we get for 6 pts?

Moros follows the standard pattern for light myrmidons, though with an extra pt of MAT and Rat.

He’s the first light myrmidon since the Gorgon to have a gun. It’s only RNG8 but a boostable POW12 is a thing; more importantly, it’s a magical weapon that causes Paralysis – dropping the target’s DEF to 7 and denying it the ability to run or charge for a round. Screwing with an opposing warbeast’s alpha strike much?

His two blades are P+S13 – respectable, though not totally amazeballs. No reach, but each does have Grievous Wounds. Not Crit Grievous Wounds, flat-out automatic Grievous Wounds. No tough rolls, no healing, no transfers.

In terms of defensive schticks he has native Stealth, making him difficult for  your opponent to remove before he can get in the mix. He also has Duelist, meaning he’s DEF14 against melee attacks, which means there’s a good chance attacks will miss him, and at that point – if you’re running him with Garryth – he has Apparition, will teleport 2″ out of combat, and keep on doing his thang.

Oh, and you can run him in Garryth’s theme force(s) should you be so inclined. Given that Tier 4 of Garryth’s Assassins theme force requires you to have no heavy myrmidons in exchange for being able to give Garryth and his entire battlegroup Advanced Deployment, this could potentially be a thing. It’s certainly something I’ll be looking to explore myself.

Looking over him, he’s not going to be able to assassinate an opposing warcaster or warlock by himself without some insane dice rolling, BUT… in a faction with models that can roll 4d6+9 on a charge attack and do double damage over armour, anything that can help ensure such  models actually hit their targets is huge. A boosted Death Shadow shot will, on an average roll, hit DEF16. If Moros has been able to aim thanks to Apparition putting him in range of a target, then DEF18. The ability to paralyse an opposing warcaster before Mage Hunter Assassins charge is immense.

Consider also, Phantom Hunter from Kaelyssa on Moros. He sneaks up, shoots the target, and suddenly all of your Mage Hunter Strike Force are essentially guaranteed to be hitting as well. Sure, their crossbows are low POW, but nickel-and-diming is a thing that they are very capable of, especially since (with a Mage Hunter Commander in the unit) there’s nowhere to hide.

I don’t know when Moros is expected to drop, but I will be buying him, I will be painting him, and I will be testing to see just how much of a difference he makes for my swarm of stabby elves.

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  1. Just saw his model on Privateer’s site and it looks pretty sweet too. Hope I see him on the table sometime.