Star Wars: Imperial Assault unboxing

Happy birthday to me! Well, a few days ago… Having successfully completed another lap of the Sun, low-key celebrations were had (to-wit, I slept in, and later took the kids to the cinema to watch Into The Woods), but somewhere in the midst of it I ended up with a rather large box full of shinies that, well, seemed worthy of an unboxing. Star Wars: Imperial Assault has been flitting around the periphery of my awareness since its release, albeit primarily because there’s an IG-88 villain expansion on the way, and he’s my favourite walking coffee pot.

Behold the box (and apparently Naaresh, who I’ve picked up to use in a Journeyman League sometime after Templecon).

Now, to be clear, this is an unboxing, not any attempt to actually review the game. Just an initial examination of the shinies therein.

Aside from a couple of promotional pieces, the first thing to great you in the box is not one, not two, but four manuals. The basics, the full rules, the campaign rules, and the skirmish rules for those just wanting to have an one-off imbroglio.

A thick pile of card layers was removed to reveal a sheet of stickers and a handful of ziploc baggies. Cards of three different sizes, because FFG. I’m immediately wondering what I’m going to do to store these safely. But wait, where are the miniatures that are supposed to be with the box?

No little plastic army mans are immediately visible, though I do note the fold-up flaps, giving you a pretense at a spot to put a stack of cards so they won’t slide all over the box (unless, of course, you upend it)

Oh, there they are, hiding in the side cavities… oh, you wacky miniature figurines…

There are two bags of miniatures. One contains the AT-ST, the other contains… well, everything else. We’ll start with the everything else pile.

E-Web cannon! K-pew! K-pew! It’s also the only Scout Trooper we see. There are two of this model in the box.

Nexu! Just in case you didn’t remember it from the arena scene of Attack Of The Clones. The box has two of the rat-cat-thingies.

Trandoshan! We only really saw Bossk in the movies, but you get four to play with.

Four members of the Royal Guard also stand at attention. I thought these guys were Imperial Guard? Potato, Potato.

Stormtroopers! Only 9 of them could leave blast patterns this precise. Nine seems like an odd number to include to me.

You get three Imperial Officers, with their handheld pricing guns.

Three Imperial Probe Droids wrrt-wrrt-wrrt-bleep-wrrt

And then we get the filthy rebels. First is the Twi’lek Jedi Diala Passil

Next, the Wookie beatstick Gaarkhan, who appears to be armed with a wookie beatstick

Gideon Argus is a bald old guy with a beard. Guess which Rebel I’ll likely end up playing.

Mak Eshka’rey is a Bothan with a tendency to be a sneaky sod

Jyn Odan the Smuggler has a tendency to fit yoga stretches into her missions when she can

And finally, Fenn Signis is the badass renegade who plays by his own rules. Aww yeah.

There’s one more toy, and it’s the only one that actually needs assembly…

Pew! Pew! AT-ST! The scale is sweet (seen here next to bald old dude, and also – thanks to Gdayboy – holding a slice of clementine), and the entire thing goes together snuggly with no need for glue. That said, the top hatch was a little too snug, and I couldn’t get it to pop all the way down. Also, getting the front cannons to clip into their cavity was quite the chore.

Now, onto the cards! Each hero has what seems to be an identity card.

These are double-sided, possibly flipped to indicate when one is significantly wounded. Speculation based on the red colouration of the side that has less abilities printed on it.

In terms of hard components there’s a handful of bizarre dice that I don’t yet understand the meaning of, a couple of clip similar to those used to hold the dials together for the X-Wing miniatures game, and four standee bases for doors.

Where you have FFG you have cards. I don’t yet understand the significance of all of these, but according to the handy Learn-To-Play booklet, it goes as follows, clockwise from top left: Rebel Deployment cards, Merc Deployment cards, Agenda cards, Imperial deployment cards

Clockwise from top left: Story Mission Cards, Side Mission Cards, Reference Cards, Skirmish Mission Cards

Hero Class Cards (once for each Rebel hero)

Imperial Class Cards (3 decks)

Clockwise from top left: Condition Cards (3 decks), Supplu Cards, Reward Cards, Command Cards, Item Cards (3 decks)

Now, with the main box you also get a little bonus – Luke and Darth Vader. More cards for the assorted decks, most notably three more Skirmish Mission cards (of which there are only two in the main box).

Luke’s pose is pretty average (therefore accurate to his depiction in A New Hope) , but Vader’s had sufficient menace to his stalk.

And finally, there’s a dirty great pile of cardboard to be punched out – 7 sheets of tiles and tokens, which I’m *not* punching out until I’ve had a chance to get a container that will hold the disparate tokens properly. There are are least 11 varieties of tokens, some split in to subtypes (eg, there are three different types of Condition token), so I’m going to pic up a container BEFORE punching the darn things out and mixing them all up. Dollar store, here I come!

Once I’ve got a game or two under my belt I’ll post my thoughts on the  gameplay, but for now I have Templecon painting to get back to… and four Imperial Assault rulebooks to be distracted by 😉

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