Templecon Prize Table Loadout

And now, for the next expisode of Adventures In Terrible Photography, I’m going to give you all a reminder of some of the niftiness that’s going to be on the prize table at Templecon! Remember, folks, this is all for charity, and all of these prizes have been donated by not only the Lost Crew and our sponsors, but also by the companies that make the games we love, and by members of the community – folks just like you, dear reader, who are pitching into make this all awesome. Again, we’re raising funds for the Hope Alzheimer’s Center through the raffle, and for Earl’s Brain Trust through the sale of apparel via the swag bag, and of Lost Hemisphere pins at Templecon with the assistance of the New England Privateers.


First up, sent to us just for this event by our pals at Privateer Press and to help you save your pennies for a Sacral Vault, enough Gators to start your very own Jaga Jaga theme force…

Lost Pal Chadi F thought there needed to be a little more Faith & Fortune on the table, and hey, we managed to get Escalating Conflict from the LH prize stash to go with it!

If you’re not ready for Faith & Fortune, perhaps you’d like to sojourn to the Castle of the Keys…

Level 7 is a franchise I have greatly enjoyed since its initial release. Now, on the cusp of the release of the Judas Protocol eBook, you can dip your toes into global defense as the LH prize stash yields a fresh spanking copy of Level 7: Invasion.

ANDY FROM UK! has donated an ARCHANGEL FROM UK! and we pulled a Neraph kit out of the LH prize stash, because you totes need moar blind flyign thingies!

From Lostie MortymerXT we have a metal War Hog kit, and the prize stash unearthed a Maximus to level up the piggy goodness!

It’s the most recent WarmaHordes release, and it’s in hardcover, because it looks schmexier that way. Exigence!

This one’s a little bit of a group effort, all bundled together to help a willing wannabe Trollblood get a start in the faction. Donated by Yaum, a Trollbloods Battlegroup box. Donated by PG_Titanica1912, Dozer & Smigg! Dredged out of the LH prize stash, Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws, Kriel Warriors, Scattergunners and Highwaymen!

From Legendary Lostie David C, a Convergence of Cyriss package that we unboxed here, containing everything you need to play, all fully painted, tokens and all. All it’s missing is a table and an opponent. Oh, and I guess some terrain…

Donated by pal Seth and painted by awesome crafty guy Rob Hawkins, Asphyxious the Hellbringer and Vocipheron!


Donated by Lost Pal (and FLGS minion) Tom and painted by the amazeballs AEdge, Rolling Bones Goreshade!


Custom Rask and Ironback Spitter from the inimitable Captain Spud!  You can see them here and here!


  • Earthbreaker Colossal, heavily customized, fully painted, as introduced by Faultie here and inspiring the Steamin’ Sally section of the Swag Bag (expect an update blog post soon!)
  • A 35pt Kallus list, fully painted, donated by Tim Cluley of Rawrmachine  – you can see it here
  • Shae’s theme force – I don’t know which one! – making its way here from the UK from Kev Bryant
  • Horgle Ironstrike, from the talented paintbrush of Dan Mirandi!
  • Nemo2 and Dynamo? Andy Kaiser is making this a thing!
  • For the X-Wing fans, Brian Fox has pledged a Tantive IV!


Our sponsors and other companies aren’t being left in the cold.

  • Broken Egg Games has promised something shiny for the table, to be delivered at the con. I like surprises!
  • Dragon Forge Design are sending a complete set of their brand new Ancient City Ruins II series from the Kickstarter!
  • KR Multicase is sending approx $500 worth of cases for the Raffle table… PLUS Iron Arena Support PLUS cases for a bunch of the other game lines at Templecon!
  • Arena Rex is sending five unofficial “Starter” kits with minis, cards, dice and rulebooks!
  • Soda Pop Miniatures have teased that they’ll be handing something over too!
  • Tectonic Craft Studios will be meeting us at the con and adding to the pile!


Lost pal Florian Stitz sent over a bunch of prints to spice up the Iron Arena!

Oh, and then there’s these guys….


I am so looking forward to handing these out to unsuspecting gamers…