If I’m ever asked publicly, there’s a very real chance I’ll deny it, but I like Rhyas and Saeryn. No, not for their competitive potential – you should know by now that’s now how I do – but the concept of the two sisters both made into warlocks by Everblight, still sharing a deep mystical bond despite manifesting their abilities in such radically different ways – it makes for a very interesting dynamic in terms of background fluff. Now, I love that Privateer is slowly dedicating character warjacks and warbeasts to specific warnouns, but to a specialised Nephilim assigned to the sisters, that actually does different things for each, that’s just fun.

It’s Zuriel! He slices! He dices! He julienne’s fries!

Zuriel comes in 16 pieces, and is a mix of resin and metal components. The piece count would be a lot lower if it wasn’t for the Legion preponderence to be spiky all the time. Darn you spiky Legion!

Behold, Zuriel’s heavily muscled torso. It’s got veins and stuff, it’s so butch. On the front here you can see two oddly shaped knopes for the head. Two, because the head’s in two parts. We’ll get to that in a second.

From behind we can see the spine ridge, including three recesses for the larger metal spines to pop into. The two round(ish) recesses on the upper sholders will hold the wings, while the square stumps after the shoulders will keep Zuriel’s arms correctly oriented.

See? Correctly oriented arms.

See? Two part head! Upper and lower jaw give you Zuriel’s toothy maw, the armour of the upper component providing a nice join to the body.

Zuriel’s legs account for four of the metal components. One leg will attach to the base, while the other knee juts forward. Swinging the model around we have the trailing loincloth, and the spiked tail swings freely above it.

And finally, there’s the wings. On the leading edge of each will go the last of the metal components, the armoured, hooked claws that presumably help Zuriel roost like a bat in the rafters of a Nyss longhouse.


Painting chores on Zuriel were undertaken by Lost Painted TheGreatGaspy, who I think has rather excelled here, with a pretty darn excellent paintjob. He’s promised never to field Zuriel against me on pain of wracking, so I’m good with that. 😉

Zuriel is currently available to lend an air of rampant stabbiness to your Legion of Everblight lists, check with your FLGS and see if they can’t hook you up.

2 Responses to Zuriel

  1. Approved. Great model and so well balanced

  2. Mine arrived a couple of days ago, can’t wait to get him painted