Dave’s Quick Smogcon Photodump

So I think Kev and Kurt started some sort of trend, and now we have a third bunch of Smogcon photos delivered to my inbox. I couldn’t let them slide under the radar unnoticed, so we’re ending out the week with one last glimpse into the convention that makes the UK look cooler than Pawnee…

This batch is from Lord Bubonicus, or Dave to his victims. Enjoy!

Friday morning’s Iron Arena, when everyone was still comparatively bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The Smogcon attendees were privy to many secrets of the wilds, including the secretive Tharn ritual of Th’ukan’tanka, by which the Tharn decide whose turn it is to take out the recycling.

Will Shick’s shadow puppetry amazes and delights Doug Seacat

Okay, now, who can tell me which Bog Trog is the female, without looking it up?

Ed Bourelle tries to figure out how many kilos in a stone.

Unleashed may be filled with all sorts of awesome, but it’s still about the Tatzylwurms for me…

The care and feeding of your Warpwolf

Most people keep their arrows in quivers. Some people prefer to use a conveniently handy duskwolf.

They turned her down for the Sadie Hawkins dance. She turned them into meat puppets.

That’s what I like to see, Cryxians eliminating each other so the rest of us don’t have to.

The alternate ending to John Carpenter’s The Thing left the crowd stunned.

This guy keeps turning up in these photodumps. Anyone would think he was photogenic…

Dark Dynamo…

Haley, Syntherion, Thyra and Grim Angus. It’s a jolly old party, and I wasn’t invited!

Adeptis Rahn respects the power of the booty, and helps Iron  Mother Directrix show it off to his Mitten crews and Mage Hunter Assassin…

This is a thing I’d like to try. Like Thunderdome I can see it heavily favouring specific warcasters and warlocks, but it seems like it’d be immensely stupid fun regardless.

Like any good Lostie, LordBubonicus has accepted his fate and begun blinging out his satchel with Privateer pins.

This is the first year I haven’t brought a piece of concept art home from Templecon… but it looks like Lord Bubonicus has us covered. Good show, that man.

Thanks to Dave for sending us the pics; we’re glad everyone had a great time at Smogcon. Next week? Non-Smogcon stuff! 😉