Paint The Target: Jan Results, Feb Challenge

Holy cow, where did January go? Maybe it’s just because I’m caught up in Templecon preparation, but damn, that month seems to have just flown by. On wings. Almost makes me want to paint something that flies for the No Quarter painting challenge! Sadly, my schedule’s pretty limited, so while Painting the Target doesn’t get you a PP coin, it does get you something nifty from the Lost Hemisphere prize pool.

For January we asked participants to paint models with lids on. Hats, helmets, headgear – it’s all good, and helps me hide my shiny bald pate. Oh, I had a coif once… so long ago…. Enough reminiscence! On with the show!

We start with Gramut’s awesome Ossrum. A fine military cap, goggles, and a handcannon? Why, he’d fit right in with the cosplay crowd at Templecon!

This one’s kinda’ a joint effort. The conversion was done by Faultie, making an Action Figure version of the Cygnaran warcaster Darius, but the paintjob’s all Dicewraith, all day long.

From Goldsept, Iron Mother Directrix. It’s a little disturbing how she’s always packing a spare pair of hoverballs.

Thadrin’s dropped his Fennblade Kithkar into the mix, one of my favourite models from the Trollbloods that could reasonably easily be converted for IKRPG use.

I painted this one myself, a gift for the aforementioned Dicewraitth. It didn’t even occur to me while I was painting it that it had a farrow variant of a flying helmet. You’d think, though, with the cannon directly over his head, he’s want earmuffs more than goggles.

Lonelymonk’s been churning out the models this month, including a unit of Flamebringers, ready to bring stabbiness to assorted heretics.

Man, I remember when Treville barely knew which end of a paintbrush was which. Next time I head back to Australia I’ll have to get a game in against his Harkevich.

Poluxx66 believes in shakin-shakin-it like cannibal reptile spirits want you to. Jaga Jaga!

Big_D decided Lylyth2 was the perfect model to showcase headware, if only because – with the helmet completely obscuring her vision – she can’t get all pouty that Jaga Jaga got to wear feathers in her hat and she didn’t.

AndrewM forgot to put his online name in the email, but he DID do a sweet job on Ossrum, complete with matching Driller and Avalancher

Watching Fiendil dabble with Batman models has been neat. The Penguin here looks ready to waddle up and steal your lunch money.

RichardK also forgot his online name and tried to make up for it with bulk. Runewood’s all hunky, and the Tactical Arcanist Corps have  a burning desire to… well, burn something, I guess.

pRophaniti1978 thunders onto the battlefield with three beautiful Steelhead cavalry. It’s okay to call them that, right? They’re not going to turn up at my door and try to prove their machismo by performing manly feats like, say, finishing my basement for me? Hrm…

NotThatOne’s returned with a model wearing an *actual* hat, with a spare warjack head in the wagon should this Gobber Tinker need to improvise a helmet.

TannerL’s custom Xerxis1 has been making the rounds of Social Media, but it’s an honor to be able to include it in this month’s Target gallery.

Rounding out this month’s gallery, Zuriel painted by Kev Bryant! Noogie him when you see him at Templecon. I hear he likes it.


Of course, every month someone has to get something from the LH prize pool! The dice were rolled, the cards were flopped, the wheel was spun, and this month’s winning participant is… pRophaniti1978!! Gratz, dude, email me your address and we’ll go from there.!


It’s Templecon month! Oh, what a glorious time. We’ll be hitting the road shortly to engage in Rhode Island’s niftiest Warmachine event, put on by the crew from Temple Games. Temples, huh? Well, we all know I’m a devout Menite in my spare time when I’m not devoted to stabbing godslayers for Scyrah. I want to see models that have a Religious backstory! Menites! Morrowans! Thamarites! Dhunian Shamans! Bokors! More of a GW fanboy? Chaplains! Seers! Infinity? Military Order Knights! If your model has spiritual bent, be it on the model itself or part of the backstory, it’s fair game!

Send in your pics of melee models to by Noon, February 25th. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end ;)

5 Responses to Paint The Target: Jan Results, Feb Challenge

  1. Ossrum & crew look really sharp as do Lonelymonk’s ponies. Great bunch of models to start out 2015 🙂

    • Cheers, Gayle. My heart kinda sank when I saw Gramut’s awesome Ossrum up the top, but that’s picked me up.

      Loving the look of Jaga Jaga and The Penguin, too. The Batman game has been tempting me, and Penguin is a favourite of mine…

  2. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    Well done to everyone who got something finished. I’m liking both Ossrums too. Hats on to the Tinker and Zuriel as well. (badum tish)

    Looking forward to this month’s challenge, I’ve definitely got something in the lead mountain for this one.

  3. I must say, I’m bloody loving PtT. Not only is it getting me to paint, but this month’s challenge is really taking me out of my comfort zone, as well as getting me started on a new faction (and a new game).

  4. Hey! I knew which end was which! I just didn’t know what either of them did…that’s all. It’s’not my fault I’m always upside down. Great entries by all involved once again.