SDE: The Forgotten King Tcon Photodump

Gooooood morning, Crystalia! Have you explored your super dungeon lately??

It’s no surprise to anyone that I’m a fan of Ninja Division/Soda Pop’s Super Dungeon Explore line. The models are adorable, the supplements really add a lot to the game, and of course, we have the new Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King coming to us from Kickstarterland soon. While we’ll do a  more intense report once we’ve got it in hand and can cover things like gameplay and the like, I was lucky enough to get to have a runthrough of the new Arcade Mode (players vs board) at Templecon, so naturally I snapped pics of all the things. Let’s have a quick wander through the main box!

Four rulebooks?? Okay, one’s a quickstart rule set, once’s more of a fluff guide, but the one on top there – the Arcade Mode – that was the main feature. As much as I’ve loved Classic Mode, the idea of being able to play with my kids as a hero rather than having to be the consul all the time is super appealing.

Beautiful, high quality, double-sided boards. The art is lovely and atmospheric, and of course you can mix and match with the existing boards, or some of the new ones also being made available soon. I’m keen to see the spooky halls of Von Drakk’s Manor.

As far as things being neatly packed in the box go, this is a pretty darn sweet layout. The cardboard box there is, of course, filled with all the minis, but we’ll get to that in a sec.

The loot and treasure cards are all cleanly identified, and thanks to the layouts are super easy to slot around your heroes. Of  interest, treasure cards an longer strictly limited to top equipment slot for your hero; note, for example, the Ancestral Mail taking the right (green) slot. Iiinteresting, and I look forward to exploring more later.

A quick pic of Madam Hilde’s card. 3 ARM is pretty sweet, don’t expect a lot of melee for her, but her Soprano ability is pretty darn sweet, tagging the opponenents with doooom. She must be singing something from the Niebelungingungingungingung.

The Loot cards slide into slots just as do the treasure cards, but I found this one particularly appropriate. Ya know, because Soda Pop Miniatures. Right? Right.

The cards are lovely and easy to read, once you figure out what the layout of the Arcade Mode cards means. This has been detailed in assorted Kickstarter updates, but again, we’ll go into it in more detail once we have our own copy in hand and can take nicer pics.

Behold yon  box of goodies! Plastic models, grey for the heros (and pets!) and green for all of the gribblies. If you’re painting them up you may want to consider some KR foam, because sponsor plug 😉

Heroes, and OMG PETS! The centaur may be my go-to hero for awhile if only because I love the centaur concept in mythology, but the pets – Dear Lord, they’re all adorable! The goat munching some leaves, the operatic pig, the rooster with an eyepatch, and more… We weren’t lucky enough to draw one in our test game, but damn if I don’t want one!

The core box also comes with Princess Emerald and her sniper rifle, the Fae Alchemist and her potion arsenal, and the Royal Warden, who I got to play. There are a bunch more heroes coming as well, but you gotta start somewhere.

Bashful Boris here is a miniboss – I know, doesn’t look very  mini at all – and seems determined to take out George’s eye. Not also, with the Dark Heroes cards you can play him as an alternate hero! Very interested to see how that works out in Super Dungeon Arena.

I had to include this pic because it may be my favrit piece of new art. Four of the classic heroes – the Paladin, Ranger, Ember Mage and Barbarian – all trying to come to terms with arcade mode. Get it? An arcade machine?? Bah, this excellent reference is wasted on Phillistines.

Red Sonja joined us for a quick photo, though she’s trying to move a spawn point. I’m not sure she read the rulebook thoroughly.

And an action shot! The Questing Knight plays blocker against the incoming mooks while Emerald and the Warden provide ranged support for their tanky little pal.

I am so looking forward to receiving the kickstarter rewards so we can get a couple of games in and do a proper unboxing and game overview. SPARKLEBURST!

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  1. I want this set sooooooo bad. I wish I’d had the cash to back the KS.