Sponsor: Broken Egg At Templecon

Gooood morning, popples. One of the counterpoints to working that hard 9-5 and having two amazing kids whom I love dearly but need regular parental interaction, is that I don’t get to travel to a lot of conventions. I’m hoping to change that, but it does mean that when I *do* get to go to a convention, it’s an extra-special thing as it’s where I can see friends that I otherwise only interact with online, and I can go shopping with a Convention budget, meaning the money’s supposed to be spent on cool things, right? Right! Templecon is the one time of the year I’m guaranteed to see my pals from Lost Sponsor Broken Egg Games. Broken Egg’s been with us for… what, three years now? We appreciate their ongoing support, and this year I got to throw some money at them too. Bonus!

The first thing I picked up was a set of walls. Broken Egg makes three walls – a roped stump-post wall, a more generic hewn brick wall, and a wall of magic rocks, because magic rocks.

The magic rock wall is made of of stones and dirt covered in runes, and is perfect for things like Janissa Stonetide or Gorten Grundback to toss about the place. My favourite aspect of the magic rock wall is that it actually looks like a wave of rocks that’s torn itself from the ground as a barrier.

My favourite of the three walls is the stumps, simply because it’s so damn unique. It’s a solid, strong construction for my infantry to hide behind, and I don’t know of anyone else out there making anything like it. It also looks amazing painted up. Yes, click that link to see it painted up.

The hewn stone wall is a more tradtional style of rock wall. It’ll prove perfectly functional for magic rock wall purposes, but is also a nice generic scenery piece.

The next thing I picked up was a set of the Broken Egg Objectives! Given the changes to the way objectives work in SR2015, having something super nifty to represent your objectives is super keen. Broken Egg makes three different styles of objectives, to appeal to a variety of army commanders.

The memorial makes for a perfect effigy of valor. A massive blade mounted in stone, some votive candles and a couple of roses lain in front. Surely such a noble sculpture will inspire your troops to acts of bravery and derring-do!

The hovering magic rock is perhaps the neatest visually. A coil of rocks makes its way around a large stone carved with an assortment of glyphs. Are they Dhunian? Who knows! But as an Arcane Wonder, its power is evident for all to see. This is the first I’ll be painting up, because shiny.

The most versatile is the bunker, which could easily be used as a Bunker, Stockpile, Fuel Cache or Armory. It comes with an assortment of thingies to fill the cavity – crates, bags of what could maybe be potatoes, a sack of Ordic naughty propaganda, who knows. Of course, you could always leave the crates and things out and use the ring of sandbags as an epic base for… well, almost anything, but I imagine an artillery piece would look awesome in there.

Now, I did pick up some more Netrunner tokens, but possibly one of the hottest items on the table came in a little display case with batteries. Ladies and gentlemen, Ho Ho Ho, now Broken Egg has a precision laser too. I’m hoping at some point to do a little comparative testing but for now, please excuse the disarray as we stand near my work desk and look down the hallway of the Gdaycave.

What you see at the end of the hall there, is the front door with the jingle bell star that’s been up since Christmas, because it sounds neat and other than the fact that it’s bells and star shaped, isn’t particularly Christmas-specific.

Top left, all the lights on, no laser.Top right, lights on, laser. Bottom left, hall lights off, laser. Bottom right, I flicked off the closer light as well. That’s a lovely clean line crossing the door approximately 40 feet away.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is one heck of a handheld laser , and perfect for determining LOS on the tabletop in a bright gaming hall.