Templecon 2015 Charity Fundraiser Winners!

HopeCenterLogo650Ladies and Gentlelost, several months ago we embarked on a journey of modeling, painting, a flurry of emails, some bargaining, a  bunch of fist bumps, and no shortage of mind-boggling moments when people stepped up and commited to making this year’s charity fundraiser even bigger than those that had come before. Raising money for the Hope Alzheimer’s Center was our goal, and I’m pleased to report that with the logistics help of the New England Privateers we’ve raised:


A cheque has been cut and is being forwarded to the powers that be at Hope. Thank you to absolutely everyone who participated in the raffle, be it by providing a prize or by simply buying ticket or two. Special thanks to Lost Sponsors KR Multicase, Dragon Forge Design and Broken Egg Games, and a further tip of the hat to Privateer Press, Games & Gears, Tectonic Craft Studios, and Arena Rex for their prize support, and again a nod to our partners in crime, the New England Privateers, for all of their help with the logistics for the event.

Now, let’s take a look at some pretty pictures!

Steamin’ Sally was the belle of the ball, on her rotating mirrored pedestal. Says something about repression in Rhulic society, really.

It’s hard to take a bad photo with Faultie. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Just a few prizes to tempt the punters…

The team gets ready to go to war.

Won’t somebody help me finish off what’s left of this roll of raffle tickets?

Spud’s donation – Rask and an Ironback Pufferfish – were one of the most popular prizes on the table.

Andy Kaiser’s donation – Nemo2 and Dynamo – also won one of the Crystal Brush awards. So purty…

The Holloways donated two bottles of this year’s Hammerfall Pub Crawler…

Look how happy he is back there!

Sometimes the noisiest crickets are the pinkest.

“I’d like to dedicate this next number to a special little lady who’s stolen my heart… and my PG coin. Seriously, if anyone sees her, I need that thing back before we hit the pub.”

Mixmaster Jamie B shuffles tickets, and we begin drawing!

Fair warning, notes were made on the back of the prize cards, and some folk have scribbly handwriting, so if I spell your name wrong, totes apologies.

Donald McLean claims the Convergence army lot! A split second he elbowed Lonelymonk in the sternum. We laughed, he cried, no charges were laid.

Nathan Chomsky-Higgins scores the Kallus army and the Tim-Tams! Which, I’ll add, he promptly started eating *without* saving any for his other half. I’d feel bad about it, but he gave me one too,so I was totally bribed.

Yann Folange – the infamous Devilsquid – shuffled off with Steamin’ Sally. I’m told he’ll give her a good home.

Paul Rogers has an Archangel in a box. We don’t know what he’s named it yet.

Casey McCullough discovered a deep and abiding love for aquatic life, taking home Rask and the Spitter

Tim Nash may just be the most enthusiastically happy lad of the day. Also, he won the pink Retribution army.

Donald Bernard will be carting his army around in secure style, with a KR Multicase Aliminium2 case.

Brenton Van Durma is the proud owner of a Vyros2 Pony Starter Set, donated by Podthrall Dale!

Will Boutwell claimed the Jaga Jaga theme force, donated by Privateer Press

Ken Baumhauer has a lot of painting to do… ALL THE MEDIUM BASES! Here’s hoping he digs Trolls 😉

Is your name Stan Tyler? Cos you’re looking pretty smashing with that Kaiser1 from KR Multicase

Aaron Lester walked away with a dirty great pile of pirates, the Shae army donated by Kev Bryant!

Jeremy English is all about dat base, with a complete set of Dragon Forge‘s new Ancient City Ruins II bases

This wasn’t the droid John DeMaris was looking for… Not quite sure what Dan’s checking out in the background there, but he seems to be amused 😉

Scott Manship scored a whole heap of Horgenhold and Hammerfall! Huzzah!

Okay, what the hell? Kyle was our photographer! How’d he take a selfie with an SLR while holding his prize Horgle Ironstrike in both hands? MAGIC!

We were delighted to have five Arena Rex starter kits on offer, each with rulebook, dice, and three gladiators that the game developers had found worked well together in playtesting. One of the kits even came with the Kickstarter exclusive Lupa model! Craig, Khalid, Henry, Eric and Michele walked away with some very pretty shinies.

Was Kev Bryant allowed to take his new Broken Egg precision laser back into the UK??

Tectonic Craft Studios stepped up again this year with an amazing unreleased building! They even helped with assembly it after the raffle was done. Erik Swinson’s a lucky guy.

Okay, Henry VanBlake’s one of the winningest sods around, apparently… he got the beer!

James Forney’s about to become a master of WM/H cardfloppery with High Command: Faith & Fortune

Tobias Zimmerman scored this year’s extreme entry, the Warpwolf.

Dammit, Tim! You’re sapping all of the enthusiasm out of Dan! Glad you’re chuffed though 🙂

Donald McLean, not content with just winning the Convergence army, also named a KR Multicase Kaiser1!

We actually awarded three sets of Games & Gears brushes, and the tags didn’t specify, so I’m going to guess this devilishly handsome chap is Will Adams. If he’s not, he is now. I decree it!

Joshua Nichols is secretly a Hydra sympathiser. I’m pretty sure he actually plans to help their dropships destroy Dr Cronos and the rest of humanity. They may have promised him a puppy.

Q Nguyen won a Kaiser half case… wait a minute, that guy looks an awful lot like Faultie… It must be a twin!

Ben Levine scored himself a painted Menite Choir and a unit of Zealots. Good man, good man…

Now, I know Sam Sedghi won himself Makeda and the Ancestral Court, but he seems to have dodged the pic here… canny little sod.

Once again, multiple winners of the same prize and nothing on the cards to help me distinguish them. Bah! This time, we had three of Broken Egg‘s new precision lasers. Kev got one, I know the third guy, so I’m hoping this is Max Fletcher. He plays Khador, so I’m nervous he’ll sic the Butcher on me if I get it wrong.

Scott Manship claimed some piggies to go with his earlier Searforge win – A War Hog and Maximus!

Cody King skedaddled with the Colette crew for Malifaux. I think he even managed to get away with all of his fingers!

Dammit, Henry, stop winning all the things… though the Broken Egg precision laser is darn sweet….

DAMMIT HENRY!  … Games and Gears brushes…

Nick Falcone hid behind a set of Broken Egg walls. Little did he know, I have reach!

Rob Cooliandro’s last name is cooler than I could ever hope to be… Kaiser Card Case!

Les Dunlap had no idea Devilsquid was behind him, imitating his expressions, in preparation for the world’s most bizarre case of identity theft. Also, KR half case! I keep my Colossals in these…

When Rob Hawkins paints models donated by Noghannan, Jason White wins them.

Just what Mark Holloway needed, a propainted Trollbloods battlebox…

Ya know what, he’s just so happy I don’t mind that Tim Nash also won the Makeda2 model group.

Nico Potstawny scored an entire bag full of Reaper Warlord stuff!

Scott Talarico brought Rolling Bones Goreshade back across the border from whence it came.

Arthur Washburne scored a set of the long out-of-print GF9 Mercenary dice!

Dammit, Yann, leave Meghan alone to enjoy her Broken Egg terrain!

Having eaten all the Tim Tams, Nathan Chomsky-Higgins also scored some G&G brushes.

Dan Mirandi scored a set of Broken Egg‘s new full colour tokens

So did Jason Rodriguez! I’m jealous of his hair. Stop reminding me that I’m bald!

The elusive Chuck refuses to stand still for the camera as it absconds with a set of Broken Egg Objectives

For Andrew Cutter, an Exigence hardcover was the order of the day

Rare things come in small ziplock baggies. GF9 Legion dice!

High Command: Castle of the Keys will be winging back to Australia with Rawrmachine‘s Tim Cluley

And that’s all the photos we have of raffle winners!

More Templecon posts coming this week, but for now, a special thank you once again to everyone who donated to the prize pool and everyone who bought tickets, helping raise a whole bunch of cash for a worthy charitable recipient.