Templecon 2015 Photodump 1

SO! I’m home from Templecon, and it was quite the thing. Many of you were following the Lost Hemisphere crew’s adventures on Facebook and Twitter, and we thank you for that, but it’s time to start dumping photos all over the place for those who weren’t following us (the fools!). Accordingly, let’s rock this casbah…

The whole thing started innocently enough, with a few pins on a backpack…

Behold my pins, ye mighty, and despair…

The first challenge of the road trip was convincing the US Border officers that these two crazy kids, despite being from Australia and therefore venomous, were not likely to bite any American citizens, unless asked politely to do so.


And then I made them do selfies with me at pit stops!

There were multiple pit stops, because I’m an old man now, with associated old man bladder.

Of course, they were also excited to be able to get on wireless networks to ping their pals in the Southern hemisphere.

Milk Duds used to be my favourite candy, until I discovered these a couple of Templecon’s ago. SO NOM!

Continuing the expansion of TyrantMithras’ world, chocolate covered twinkies were introduced. They seemed to be a hit.

After arriving in Warwick, RI, the traditional first-night-at-Templecon meal at Chipotle occurred. The fact that the restaurant is right next door to a grocery store where we can stock up on basics for the next few days is not entirely coincidental.

In the bar we found th British ambassadorial toupee and its attached KevBryant. Super neat to see him again!

Other people turned up as well, including Seth and Jamie, who may or may not have been pulling out his hair after a terrible dad joke. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?

A goodly portion of Wednesday  night was also spent packing meat with Privateer staffers Ed and Lyle. Hang on, that doesn’t sound right… I mean, we were helping prepars promotional cards for the weekend by stuffing sausages into little slots, and… you know what? I give up.

Lyle was way too chipper Thursday morning as we waited for the Privateer store to open up so we could see what niftiness was being unleashed.

See what I did there??

UNLEASHED!!!! Lacking any sort of collar, this Warpwolf is no longer welcome at the dog park.

Here we see the majestic Konichek gathering wild pins to bring  back to his nest. It’s a dangerous life for the wild Konicheck, with voracious predators like the dreaded Bourelle lurking nearby. Konicheks  often work in tandem with Plummers like the one shown here distracting the Bourelle with pictures of kittens on the interwebs.

The Privateer booth provided some initial swag and ninja shopping, along with the Broken Egg table (Ooh, new laser pointer!) and the New England Privateers, who once again made an awesome shirt and coin.

Faultie dropped by to show off Steamin’ Sally. Mmmm that’s one hot chica. Check out those torpedo tubes!

Lost Sponsor KR Multicase gave us a bunch of product to hand out to various miniature game organisers around the convention. Here you see two particularly happy (and handsome…) PG’s taking possession of the KR cases that they were going to have to give away in a few days.

Stubbs managed to refrain from instantly burning any Morrowan art in the collection of prints provided by Florian Stitz. I’m sure he was punished later by Toruk.

HAHAHAHAHA! One of the singular delights of Templecon for me personally, is inflicting Allegiants of the Order of the Fist, along with Lost Hemisphere bases produced by sponsor Dragon Forge Design to random folks as the whim takes me throughout the con.

YOU get a Kicky Monk!

And YOU get a Kicky Monk!

EVERYBODY gets a Kicky Monk!

Disclaimer: Not everybody gets a Kicky Monk, but I generally plan to have a dozen or so with me at the con…

Setting up the prizes for the Annual Lost Hemisphere Charity Fundraiser is laborious and time consuming, especially when people keep adding prizes at the last minute. Next year I really am going to have to impose a cutoff deadline on donations. I appreciate that people want to get in on the awesomeness, but it was a logistical headache 😉

Steamin’ Sally with her pals Nemo and Dynamo who, it should be noted, won a Crystal Brush award!

Would. You. Like.To. Play. A. Game?

Spud spent the entire weekend playing Infinity. Accordingly, I gave him the KR bags to hold onto til the actual Infinity TO arrived. He as appropriately distressed, to my amusement.

I’ll admit out of the gate that I didn’t get to play anywhere near as many games as I’d have liked this year. Five, in fact. That said, two of them were on Spud’s Grind board with rules developed at The Hobby Kingdom. Turns out an Aspis is quite handy in this format, and a Hydra can shoot the Grinder at the goal quite well in a pinch…

… and of course, in gratitude for a fun game, I gifted my worthy opponent with her very own Kicky Monk to help her on the way to playing a real faction. (Boo Everblight! ;))

And then? Olive Garden! Where Lost Hemisphere goes to eat breadsticks.

Also apparently where it’s not too difficult to convince wait staff to join in on table selfies! Amazing mealtime with George, Aly, Kat, Monique and of course, the inestimable Mr Bell. So much fun.