Templecon 2015 Photodump 2

On with the show! We last saw our intrepid hero and his band of compatriots in the House of Bread Sticks, in which Gdaybloke quite enjoyed the Gnocchi. The dinner table that night was a raucous cacophony as the crew indulged in ribald humor and shared anecotes, and otherwise engaged in tomfoolery to the amusement and possible embarassment of the wait staff. Then they returned to the Crown Plaza to indulge in more Templecon the following day…

“Whut? Oh, yeah, we just won this li’l ole’ thing…”
Privateer art printed on stretch canvas. Perfect way to class up your nerd cave.

… that’s not a euphemism.

Because ‘Murica. Spotted flying around the tournament hall, bestowing freedom all willy-nilly.

This is actually a dog – Murphy – not a small bear. Also, it’s a Lostie.

Oontz-oontz-oontz. DJ Ed Bizzy drops a phat beat.


What’s this? SHENANIGANS! A brand new board game from PP featuring the Black River Irregulars?

Gardek Stonebrow is a handsome, handsome Trollkin. Anyone who disagrees, say it to his face.

Milo Boggs, on the other hand, has familiar flair but shuns the floppy hat.

What I’d neglected to mention until now was that I was tag-team-tweeting the Keynote with pal Plarzoid, of the should-be-famous plarzoid.com blogsite. That’s a link there, you can click it. I’m pointing this out because the revelation of the new Colossals caused many giddy reactions, and since we were alternating pics and  tweets, he has some other shots for your viewing pleasure.

Know what makes a Hurricane even nastier than POW16 guns that shove things away? An arc node. Very curious as to whether it’ll suffer from the usual cannot-arc-while-engaged rule. Also, love the coils in the fists.

I’m not going to lie, the enormous Flame Belchers on the Revelator make me tingly. The fact that it also both ignores and removes Stealth? Bonusaurus.

The Sepulcher is the only one we saw the actual model for, though unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a crisp shot. Four arms, and a new … something… on the back of the carapace, the Sepulcher allegedly makes new thralls as it stalks around the place.

Ola Segerberg’s to thank for this one. Ola stitched together the scrolling shots of Helios from the bideo, and lo and behold he is MAGNIFICENT. The idea of a tractor beam that can push a model in any direction – not just directly towards or away from – has very significant potential in both scenario and assassination play. Man, I’d love to know what the heck Force Gate abilities are though.

Because Llael Forever! Ashlyn d’Elysse cosplay, flag held out by helpful stranger who happened to be in the right (wrong?) place when I yelled “Hey, Dude, would you mind?”

It wouldn’t be a Lost Hemisphere convention photodump without the Steampunk Fairy showing up somewhere in the mix!

Vyros and the Guardians of the Gate ride out against Horseshade. Of significance? I actually remembered to feat! ZOMG!

Next on the agenda was IKRPG: Dude, Where’s My Warjack?, complete with home brew provided by Dr Grymm, drunk happily from a glass that in no way indicates any factional bias on my part. I was joined in this endeavour by (and here’s where we hope I get all the names right) Stan, Matt, Diana, George, Tim and Natalie. Together we formed a rag tag bunch of Gobbers trying to establish the significance of a bag full of cats. Literally.

Tim had no idea I put the sticker from my Cracker Jack on his shoulder. For hours. George is clearly still somewhat shellshocked that the only thing in his inventory is the aforementioned kitten sack.

Alright, so the zone marker in the middle is a little rudimentary, but the scrap piles surrounding the arena were awesome.

The only other thing I actually signed up for, was a demo of Arcade mode for the soon-to-be-shipped Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King! I’ll make another post in a little bit with a rudimentary unboxing to tide you over til we get the kickstarter rewards!

We were joined by an incognito Steampunk Fairy, who quickly nabbed Princess Emerald as her hero. The Steampunk runs deep in this one.

The new chibi models are all pretty darn gorgeous. We’ll show off a few more in the unboxing.

The Fae Alchemist is like a mad potion-slinging grenadier. Lord Gruff can eat my tin cans any day. And of course, being produced by Soda Pop Miniatures, the Fizzy Beverage is quite the handy thing to have.

Possibly my favourite piece of art from the new game – Classic heroes trying to figure out Arcade mode 🙂

Red Sonja, Red Phantasm, and Ross Thompson. Only people whose names started with R were allowed on that side of the table.

Another day down, it was time for all good ‘blokes to retreat to their rooms for zzz-making. My roomies never did confirm whether or not I snored…