Templecon 2015 Photodump 3

Ah, Templecon… a glorious experience where you only realise after it’s all done how many cool things you DIDN’T snap a pic of. Thankfully, there’s plenty of pics online from other attendees, and what I do have is a collection of photos that make me smile, if only because the quizzical looks from folks as I handed out still MORE Kicky Monks is a great source of personal amusement. I mean, just look at these guys! One’s not sure what he’s looking at, and the other is slowly falling in love…

Myles knows how to be all supportive. Tip o’ the hat to our pal MenothJohn, and a super schmexy Steamin’ Sally water bottle!

Laying out the prizes again for the Fundraiser raffle. More on that in a few days… we had unexpected bonus prize support rolling in mere hours before the raffle was due to be drawn!

This army is something special. Donated by Dark Lord of Puppies, this army was donated to the prize table in memory of his recently passed mother. April Farson, 01/24/15. May she rest in peace.

“Man, I think it’s awesome that you give people Kicky Monks! Why, if I got one, I’d just… I’d buy a squajillion raffle tickets!”
“Oh, really…”
“Crap. There goes my wallet.”

“How many of these is a Squajillion, again?”
“Just keep pullin’, cowboy. Maybe hand over your credit card…”

“Psst… hey dude, that bald guy handed me one of these. What the hell’s a Kicky Monk?”
“No idea, but let’s not antagonize him. He’s Australian, there’s a decent chance he’s venomous…”

Seth – the infamous Noghannan – realises that Twi’lek dress code is a little more fanciful than he was prepared for.

Aaaand the last Kicky Monk of the convention is handed over. May or may not have been influenced by the fact that her hair reminds me of the my own. Back when I had hair. Sigh. #BaldManWoes

Now, my Templecon had been pretty light on games of WarmaHordes thus far. Two games on the Grind board, and one regular game. The fastest way to rack up opponents for bonus Iron Arena points? THUNDERDOME!!!!!

1 Retribution, 2 Cryx, 1 Circle, 1 Farrow, 1 Khador, 1 Merc, 1 Legion. The victor? After slamming Irusk directly into a wall after he was placed there by a handful of Spite turns…


Lost arty pal Florian Stitz sent over a whole bunch of prints to be added to the Iron Arena prize pool. I was chuffed to spot this print of his Deathjack variant, selected as a prize by this dashing fellow. Whoo Florian!

This one touched my heart. Earl’s Brain Trust was our secondary fundraiser at Templecon, and through the LH Swag Bag (link on the top left). This little darlin’ was proudly sporting an EBT onesie for all to see. So awesome, and we really appreciate the support.

Okay, shoddy photo is shoddy, but Brennos is HUGE! I imagined a little ole’ wizened goat, and instead he towers! Tres impressive, and wielded by PP’s own Lyle Lowery to the shock and amazement of his opponents.

The Destors ride out one last time. Typhon was a headache, I’ll grant you, but the sheer mobility of the list has been interesting to experiment with.

I’m super chuffed with the Retribution glass I scored earlier in the con, but Tim’s new stein has a certain flair all its own!

KR Multicase’s prizes kept on flowing, until it all ended with the last Kaiser1 being handed out in the Iron Arena raffle. Good times, and I’m delighted to have had one of our sponsors so well represented across gaming events at the con.

Monday morning came, we loaded up cars, and Spud tried to lick Tom. In all fairness, the snow did look like icing sugar on his head.

We got Dunkin’! because the continual exposure of other Australians to North American things is quite entertaining.

And then we bumped into Tom at a pit stop…

… and then again at a second pit stop….

In Pattersonville we found the saddest snowbear…

… and then we slid off the road, spun around, and ended up down in a ditch, tail-first. No-one hurt, but it got the adrenaline going. Snowplough guy called a tow for us, three state troopers checked in on us, and then?

The tow guy who came to rescue us knew some swears. He had to break out the shovel, banged his head on the side mirror twice while getting down under the driver’s side, and swore a lot when his truck kept sliding toward us as he tried to haul us sideways through the snow, in an effort to get us facing the right way. We were back on the road in less than an hour, which means that the detour through Port Byron and Tyre was actually a worse contributor to the length of our trip, but this one’s certainly the more memorable of the two.

Aaand let’s end with a little swag. I figure, the next time someone asks me what my poison is, I’ll have an adequate response if I have this on hand.

I didn’t buy many new models for myself, but Moros and the Scarab Packs were definitely on my wishlist.

Aside from one of their new lasers, I also picked up a set of Broken Egg walls and Objectives. The quality of the castings are excellent.

Yes, I bought pins, but not all of them were for myself. That Kaya/Laris pin will be going to Germany at some point, for  example. The Gobber Drudge, however, is mine-all-mine.

Templecon tradition includes leaving with a bunch of dice, ideally to ensure that some can be distributed to locals who were unable to attend. I parsed some sets off already, but I’ll definitely be keeping the purple ones for myself. Who knows, they may bexome my go-to dice for my Skorne project this year.

Now, throughout the next week we’ll have more Templecon shenanigans – unboxing the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit is a thing, after all – but we’re done for now.

Special thanks to:

Templecon, for being awesome
The New England Privateers, for their help with the fundraiser
Privateer Press, who continue to inspire and motivate
Rawrmachine, for lending me two more Aussies
and the trifecta – KR Multicase, Broken Egg and Dragon Forge Design – for being awesome sponsors


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  1. Avatar ForsakenPoptart
    ForsakenPoptart says:

    You spun out in Port Byron? You probably got dug out by a member of my family. I think I’m related to half the town. Shoulda put something on Facebook, I’d have had them roll out the red carpet for you!

  2. DJ art, pins, kicky monks! I can’t wait until next year.

  3. it was a good(daybloke) ime this year! it was grand to share an elevator for a moment! perhaps next year i can add battling an aussie to my warmachine passport! 😉 cheers -pszito