High Command: Ultimate Weapons

Isn’t it nice when you more of a good thing? When there’s something you like just fine, and then someone comes along and says “Here, have a little more of that nifty thing!”? That’s the kind of feeling I got when I got my grubby little mitts on Ultimate Weapons. More warriors, more solos, four new “epic” warcasters and finally, we get my Hyperion… Okay, we actually get a Colossal for each of the Faith & Fortune factions, but you know me, I’m all about my pointy eared mage killers… I’ll try to give you a slight break from that at the end of this post.

Directrix, Resonant of Cyriss, hooks directly into the Convergence recycling theme, bringing all Warjack cards from the discard pile back to your hand. This of course means that you can discard 5 WAR worth of Warjacks to play her get those Warjacks back, and then spend them (or recruit them) all over again. Bam. The value of the Prime Axiom is in that it gives you a free rush or purchase of a Servitor during your orders step… Oh, and it has 8 freaking health…

I was thrilled to see Rahn, Paragon of House Shyeel, of course,and it’s sweet to have the Invictors, but the Infiltration Force beings me that much closer to a rush build with Retribution, and there’s always the question of Arcanist Savant Emyliss Shyeel, who allows you to purchase, deploy or rush Colossals or Battle Engines using either CMD or WAR, but let’s face it… being able to turn Hyperion from a 3/8 to (at bare minimum) 7/8 by rushing a warcaster is a heck of a kick in the nuts to your opponent.

The Four Star Syndicate’s Shae, Rogue of the Western Seas, is a very interesting warcaster, though he’s definitely a late game choice. His ability to just outright destroy an enemy card for every location in your hand is predicated on your having locations in hand. Some card filtering will help as well. The Galleon’s a long-range support piece, raising the power at another location by 2.

And then there’s Gorten, Hammer of Rhul. Legacy of the Clan means you get to go through your deck and find two Grundback cards The Gunners and Blasters – and deploy them alongside Gorten for free. Lemme math that out for you.
Gorten’s got 3 POW. A Gunner has 2 POW, Powerful Attack means it gets an extra +1 when something is boosting it, so with Gorten it goes to 4 Power. A Blaster has 1 POW, but Hail Shot gives it +2, so again , with Gorten it goes to 4 Power

Sooooo when you pay 5 WAR to rush Gorten, assuming you have a pair of Grundback ‘jacks in your Reinforcement deck, you add 11 POW to the location, including two more warjacks to help give you the numbers you need hold it.

Oh, and there’s some other cards in there for the Highborn Covenant as well…

Now, when I first started playing WarmaHordes, I started with Gorten’s battlebox, so I have a soft spot for the bald short dude with the mighty, mightyhammer.  Accordingly, I thought I’d toss together a Highborn deck and see what eventuated.


  • Gorten, Hammer of Rhul
  • General Ossrum
  • Captain Damiano

Basic Resources

  • Supply Yard (4)
  • Llaelese Resistance (4)
  • Safe Haven (4)

Red Division – Here’s where we’re going to get all of our Gunbunnies for Gorten. It does mean we’ll have to rely on the other divisions for Warrior cards though

  • Wroughthammer Rockram (3)
  • Grundback Gunner (3)
  • Grundback Blaster (3)
  • Offensive Push
  • Rhulic Alliance
  • Arms Dealer

Blue Division – Thor Steinhammer’s important here since he’ll make it easier to get the Earthbreaker and Siege Crawler into play, but the War Marshal is equally important since he’ll be boosting those Gunbunnies

  • Ghordson Driller (2)
  • Ghordson Earthbreaker (2)
  • Thor Steinhammer (2)
  • Hammerfall Siege Crawler (2)
  • Hammerfall War Marshal (2)
  • Offensive Push
  • Rhulic Alliance

Green Division – Damiano’s contribution brings more resources and more warriors, but I had to include the Duelist because it’s just so pretty… also, Rutger and Taryn will pump those Gunbunnies again

  • Duelist (2)
  • Vanguard
  • Jack Hunter Company (2)
  • Dannon Blythe & Bull
  • Rutger Shaw & Taryn Di La Rovissi (2)
  • Hired Help (2)
  • Arms Dealer
  • Offensive Push

Will it all work? Is the ‘jack complement too heavy? I guess we’ll find out next time Autojack and I enjoy a Friday Night Pub High Command session…