Monday Miniatures: Arena Rex Ladies & Monktopus?!?

I was pondering what to slot into this morning’s scheduled bloghole, when pal Pat from Artisan’s Edge pinged me and let me know he’d finished the next trio of Arena Rex models for me! For those out of the Arena Rex models are true scale gladiators from a number of backgrounds, making for some very fine model components. Today I thought I’d show you the fruits of his labors, as well as a little something special that arrived in the mail on Friday – a late gift for Lost pal Captain Spud… The Monktopus!

The ladies today are, in order, Viatrix, Bjarrhvit and the kickstarter exclusive model, Lupa

Viatrix has embraced the heart of what it is to be a gladiator. Crowds love watching the provacator drive her foes to clumsy rage. Flawless execution of the lessons learned in her relentless training allows her to capitalize on the errors of others and win the day 

A hunter and trapper from the twilight North, Bjarrhvit made her way to Atlantis on the wings of rumors. Plentiful furs, a bounty of game, and untouched wilderness to lose herself in sounded like paradise. The reality of warring tribes and greedy traders kept her in the wilds except for necessity, until one day she returned to trade on a local day of spectacle. The exotic beasts of the arena drew her in, and she swiftly became the premiere handler and trapper for the Ludus Fratrum Cruore.

A spectacle and executioner, Lupa is often brought into the arena to finish off foes who have been condemned, or to rouse a crowd when their interest is flagging. Crushing the heads of the fallen with great strokes of her hammer, or toying with opponents by incorporating elaborate flourishes, she ensures that even the most lackluster opponents will be drawn into a great show. Adept at creating a captive audience, Lupa ensures that the crowds always leave satisfied.

Big thanks to Pat from Artisan’s Edge for his paintiness on these!

And then there’s this bag of weirdness…

Over the years CaptainSpud has given me some extraordinary gifts, possibly the most recognised being my Destor Thane mounted on what could loosely be described as a chocobo. As such, I wanted to track down something special for him for his birthday. When I saw the models available for the Sharktipede 2.0 kickstarter, my attention was piqued. Here was something just plain bizarre… it was perfect. So, I backed, and it’s finally arrived.

What a handsome devil. The castings are surprisingly clean. No mold lines, no injection points. Clearly, devil-magic.

The channels on either side of the maw are for Mouth Tentacles!!! Reminds me of layering spaghetti over my upper lip as a kid and pretending to have a moustache…

The waist join is almost seamless. A little liquid green stuff and it’ll be masked. Similarly, the tentacles all show that the production cuts were very well done. Each of the tentacle sockets is square, but each square is a slightly different size so there’s only one perfect fit for each.

The tentacles on the left hand side of the body provide the primary forward support with two of them resting on the ground in front of the Monktopus.

The right tentacles also provide minimal support, but are more interested in reaching that bag of cheetohs at the back of the top shelf in the supermarket.

I don’t expect Spud will get around to assembling and painting the Monktopus for some time, his schedule is a busy one, but still… what a fun little (!) montrosity!

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  1. These look great! My Arena Rex models just arrived this past weekend and I’m looking forward to jumping in on them!

  2. Octokong!