Moros & Scarab Packs

 You know the best thing about Templecon? Even a month later, I’ve still got stuff to filter out. Moros and the Scarab Pack were both available for early purchase at Templecon, so you can bet your bippy they ended up in my little pile of goodies. Sadly,  my Retribution have been shelved off of the project table while I work on a Journeyman league at the FLGS with Skorne (bring on Xerxis2!), so Moros won’t get see much paint work, but he’s on  the list… and the Scarabs will be joining Tyrant Zaadesh down the line too…

Moros comes with a resin torso and 10 metal components. To anyone who’s assembled any of the other Retribution light myrmidons, the piece count is no real surprise 😉

And here they all lain out, because exploded Moros should make all of the Hordes players happy since he can’t just come in an strip away their ability to transfer damage away from their Warlocks.

The head mounts centrally in the front of the torso. It’s a good time to note how much more detail there is on Moros than on the House Shyeel myrmidons. Speaking for myself, I’m a huge fan.

Each to the shoulderpads will connect into a keyed socked. It would take very little to remove the key for more posability, but for those who just want straightforward assembly, Privateer’s taken care of you.

The upper arms are largely a single piece with the shoulderpads, so you can just slot the forearms – blades and all – into the appropriate shoulderpad’s socket and you’re off to the races.

The waist is similarly keyed to connect to the torso. I’d likely pin this one regardless, simply given the strength requirement of the joint.

And finally, legs that are build to propel Moros forward to deliver stabby death to the enemies of Ios. I’m not going to lie, if anything’s got me really tempted to try out Garryth’s theme force, it’s Moros.

Sadly, as mentioned, no fully assembled and painted Moros to show you… after I’m done with the Skorne project army we’ll get it done!

Speaking of Skorne…

The Scarab Pack comes in OH MY GOD ALL THE TINY PIECES!!! It really should come as a surprise that small beetles have small components…

Each Scarab is made up of a body, two primary claws, a lower jaw and the upper head.

Sideways photo is sideways. Each body has a circular indentation to receive each of the claws. There are not keyed, so you can pose them to suit your personal preference.

The upper headpiece is heavily armoured (as weird little beetle things go), and  makes me really wonder about the anatomy of these little buglets. There’s no way the upper and lower “jaws” can close together, especially with the Scarab’s eyes in there, so it looks more than anything else that they’re taking the Skorne concept of having pointy, jagged chins and extending the concept to their foreheads as well.

While my Scarabs will be painted later in the Journeyman league, Lost writer Valrus already had his done so I snaffled them off of h him for photographic purposes.

Fear their spikiness!!

Moros and the Scarab Pack are April releases from Privateer Press. Not long to wait now, people…