Paint The Target: Feb Results, Mar Challenge

Another month in the books, time to crack on! The number of entries was a little low this month but we still have some lovely shinies to show you, including a strong showing from the Minions! It’s almost like they just won a major tournament at Templecon, and had a new battle engine pre-released…

The theme this month was religion. Priests and priestesses, cultists and devotees, shamans and … other things that reference a spiritual belief of some sort.

We’re opening the gallery with Bloody Barnabas painted by AndrewM, who isn’t just devoted to the the shamanic rituals of the Gatorfolk, but as actually has designs on ascension himself!

Faultie’s applied his brushery to Rask. Let all who question his doughty fishiness tremble in fear. Rask’s fishiness that is, not Faultie’s. … … … Oh, who am I kidding…

Polluxx66 continues the Blindwater trend with the Gatorman Bokor from the Swamp Shambler unit

NotThatOne thought that was a great idea, and also knocked out a unit of ghostly Swamp Shamblers. Clearly they all use the same bioluminescent fungal soap in their little hobbit hole.

From Lostie Dicewraith we have the adherents of the Trickster god, some Harlequins.

Anyone who thinks beer isn’t a religion for the Trollkin Kriels can take it up with Zeiju. I ain’t arguing the point!

The Exemplar Bastion Seneschal is a beautiful model destined to cause your opponents much distress through excessive poking with a very pretty halberd. This one was painted up by 49

Neathleanangot a little fancy with Ragman’s OSL pink Thamarite magic wibbly thing. Ooooh, Wibbly!

And one last gator, because we didn’t get quite enough of them this month 😉 KevBryant snuck this thing into the UK after snagging it at Templecon, and churned it out for the Donate Or Paint challenge. Double dipping!


Of course, every month someone has to get something from the LH prize pool! The dice were rolled, the cards were flopped, the wheel was spun, and this month’s winning participant is… ZEIJU!!! Huzzah, I get to mail more things to Australia! Email me your address and we’ll go from there.!


April showers bring May flowers, but we’re not quite there yet. No, first we have to plug through March, including many only vaguely relevant references to the assassination of Julius Caesar. Instead we’re going to focus on the nomenclature – March! Who marches? Footsoldiers! It’s time to set up the assembly line, March’s challenge is to paint a unit. Doesn’t much matter how big it us, as long as it’s a unit of infantry!

Send in your pics of melee models to by Noon, March 28th. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end ;)

2 Responses to Paint The Target: Feb Results, Mar Challenge

  1. omg the shading on that keg carrier is fantabulous!

  2. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    Thought I’d revisit this as my favourite running series on this blog. Anything to keep me painting! My own entry was 2 weeks late for the deadline, but I have to say my wife would approve of all the crocodiles.

    For myself, the keg carrier is really good and Bloody Barnabas has a certain air of menace about him too.

    In a desperate attempt to hit this month’s challenge I’ve resorted to 6mm infantry.

    See you next time.