Setsuk0: My First Painting Adventure.

Lost Hemisphere has long believed in embracing all aspects of the tabletop miniatures gaming hobby. It’s awesome to win trophies and the like, but it’s just as awesome to get in touch with your inner Michelangelo and whip out some paintbrushes. Yeah, I meant the painter, not the turtle. Sorry to disappoint. 

Recent discussions with pal Setsuk0 revealed that she needed a little kick in the proverbial to encourage her to tackle the pile of silver lurking, forever in the corner of her eye, judging, brooding… (*ahem*). Accordingly, welcome to the first installment of her journey towards painting all the thing.

This is not about fostering the next Marike Reimer or Meg Maples, but rather about helping people embrace the hobby in full. Do you have a painting story to share? Drop us a line.

setsuk0avatarHello all! To begin, my name is Ami F, and this is my painting adventure!

I was given a challenge by our Awesome Aussie to get my tooshtoosh up and painting and I gladly accepted. I am by no means an expert painter, just your average table topper trying to rid my sea of silver and bare plastics. [A most noble goal! – Gday]

If there is ever any advice, positive notes, negative notes, and “OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” notes, please feel free to speak your mind. I am here to learn and get my little army friends painted. I simply ask that you remain respectful in your responses. Okay, on to the models!

I chose this week to complete my Carnivean and my Lylyth one, AKA PLylyth. Unfortunately, this time around I do not have any WIP pictures to show you as they were already at about 80% completed. The paints I used, and will continue to use throughout my army are mostly different shades of purples, greys, whites, black, and washes.  I use mostly Citadel and P3 Paints. We have been using Citadel brushes, Games and Gears brushes and Windsor Series brushes. In the future, I will post which items I will be using for each model painted. However, for now, please enjoy my first post and entry of my painted Legion.



Next up… SHREDDERS!!!!! – Gday

2 Responses to Setsuk0: My First Painting Adventure.

  1. Looks Awesome Ami … and I expect a nice family of Shredders!