Transfinite Emergence Projector

Remember when the Retribution of Scyrah book came out, and everyone was Ooh! Destor Thanes! and we waited for all the things behind the scenes to be retooled and reorganised for Destors to be the first of the five-model cavalry boxes and thereafter we finally got our Thanes and we were all so excited and chuffed to finally have our super pony solo to scamper around, shooting four things a turn because a decent RAT is a thing to behold?

Now, imagine how much the Convergence of Cyriss adherents have been hankering for this little piece of clockwork perfection.

The first model of its type from Privateer, the Transfinite Emergence Projecter is a marvel in hard styrene plastic, and comes on sprues for all the clippinating.

A handy assembly guide comes with it, for which we’re all very glad. There’s a fair few bits and widgets that go together to make your own Projector, so the guiding hand is a good thing.

For each sprue we’re going to take a quick look at an overview and then zoom in for a detail shot. Sprue 1 (arbitrary numbering on my part) contains the two halves that make up the lower portion of the Transfinite Emergence Projector.

Unless I’m mistaken, that little ball above the coil is the Servitor launch pod. Gotta keep them floaty balls in the air…

… Oh my Glob, someone start painting up Servitors as Pokeballs…

The upper spire consists of an inner core of gears going all tickety, and some shielding. The pegs will go along the bottom of the Projector, connecting to the legs.

Not to be outdone by the lower housing, the spire also has a Servitor launch pod. Having the gears exposed like this on a separate component from the shielding is an absolute boon for painters.

More shielding, tracks, and the gears that will make up the … waist? … of the Transfinite Emergence Projector.

Of course, the perfect countenance of the Maiden of Gears must also be represented.

Closer shot of the tracks. These will be partially obscured by the legs themselves, but I don’t want to catch anyone being lazy when painting them. Okay? Okay.

The last sprue has the legs themselves, and the Transfinite Emergence Projector’s Pokeba… er… Servitors.

When you tilt the sprue sideways it’s like there’s two little eyes and a pentagon-shaped nose and… Oh dear, they kinda make me think of sugar skulls.

From the other wise, though, it’s six little dimples. D’aww, cute…

Lostie TheGreatGaspy pulled out his airbrush to knock the TEP out in record time.

It’s a scuttling tower of awesome!

Judgmental Cyriss is judging you….

And then there’s Larry, Moe and Curly. Curly’s the bald one.

The Transfinite Emergence Projector released last week. If you’re devoted to all that makes the world tick, if Iron Mother Directrix invites you to the table at Tocksgiving… have you got yours yet?