High Command: Game Changer

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to indulge in Pub High Command Fridays, but with having tomorrow off work the afternoon’s going to include some cardflopping with pals Autojack and GreatGaspy. This is all well, and good, and I *was* looking forward to trying out the Highborn Covenant deck I’d put together [Edit – it’s legal for the format too! Woot!] , but the Privateer goes and drops a bomb on us with the new Organised Play rules for High Command.

Ladies and Gentlemen, one little paragraph in the Kingmaker Showdown format has me disassembling and rebuilding all of my decks.


With the release of the initial High Command: Warmachine box, I devoted myself to the Proectorate of Menoth (as is only right and just when trying to avoid a wracking). I soon noticed that there were ways to win the game without really playing the game. If you invested your resources properly you could theoretically win the game simply by stacking your deck with cards worth VPs, and indeed Khador was exceptionally good at this in the early stages of High Command. Especially in a multiplayer game, a canny Khadoran could rely on the other players stopping each other from capturing locations, maybe putting out a token blocker here or there, but simply buy essentially buying most – if not all – of their reinforcement deck, the player could generate enough VPs to get a win if they snuck under the radar long enough.

This changed somewhat as expansions were released, but making sure your deck had a decent proportion of cards that were worth VPs has been a driving factor in deck design. As much as I wanted to include a full complement of Kicky Monks in every deck, it simply wasn’t the best idea when I needed space for cards that could help me rack up the VP count should I get stalled out a location.

Deck after deck was nifty and fun, to be sure, but what if I wanted to delve into dark side and build a deck around Deathrippers, Defilers, and other Cryxian Chickenjacks? Not really an option, I’m afraid… and at that point I pout a little. The reason I love Theme Forces is that they let you engage your inner fluffbunny, and I’d love to be able to do similar things with High Command, but the need to include VPs meant that there just wasn’t enough room for a lot of the “chaff”.

Now we have the Kingmaker Showdown format, that’s all out the window and I can finally build that Thyra/Daughters of the flame deck I’ve been itching to stab people with, and not worry about being completely overshadowed by Khadoran heavy armour…

Thrown together with no real forethought other than cards I think are cool, to be tested at Pub High Command: Let’s test the waters with an infantry swarm with an even lower than required VP count…


  • Amon Ad Raza (Kicky Monks!)
  • Thyra, Flame of Sorrow (Daughters!)
  • The High Reclaimer (Just cos!)
  • Support the Faithful (4)
  • Call To Arms (4)
  • Vassals Assembly (4)

Orange Division – 10 VPs

  • Forging The Faithful (2)
  • Whispers of Menoth
  • Vessel of Judgment
  • The Covenant of Menoth (3)
  • Judicator
  • Crusader (2)
  • Sanctifier (2)

Green Division – 4 VPs

  • Crusader’s Call (2)
  • Whispers of Menoth
  • Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
  • Allegiants of the Fist  (2)
  • Holy Zealot Mob (2)
  • Repenter (2)
  • Dervish (2)

Blue Division – 4 VPs

  • Heirarch’s Command
  • Crusader’s Call
  • Flameguard Cleanser Phalanx (2)
  • Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
  • Daughters of the Flame (2)
  • Paladins of the Wall (3)
  • Exemplar Vengers Phalanx (3)

Bring it on, boys!