Paint The Target: Mar results, Apr challenge

Oh, sweet March, you came and you went in the blink of an eye… well, not literally, it’s kinda hard for a period of time like 30ish days to just vanish in a millisecond, unless you’re reaaaaally tipsy, I guess… Anyway, TARGET TIME! For March’s target we directed you to paint up units! It’s not one we pull out often, but once a year it just seems appropo to knuckle down and burn one out.

On with the submissions!


From 49, who I don’t think is actually 49, Horgenhold Forge Guard. I was lucky enough to see his Earthbreaker the other day as well, and I must confess the photo doesn’t do these guys anywhere near enough justice.


Big D’s Blightblades… it almost sounds like a menu item in some quas-edgy diner. I mean, they come with lettuce capes and everything!


ChrisCryx has broken with his title and submitted House Shyeel Battle Mages, though he does admit he painted them for a friend… (*coughABANDONTHEDRAGONFATHERcough*)

florian_skinwalkers florian_skinwalkers2

When you’re an internationally recognized superartist of all things fan-centric WarmaHordesy, it can be hard to find time to apply brush to metal, but Florian Stitz still managed to squeak out the Warpborn Skinwalkers *and* their unit attachment.


I wonder if Goldstep clued in that by painting his Perforators with gold-capped feet, that that’d make gold steps…


Lord Grimlock’s Mechanithralls are positively glowing with pride at having been painted.


NotThatOne pumped out a Thumper Crew. Given that he’s currently in New Zealand (You are still, right Dave?), they’ve probably loaded that little barrel with Weta squeezin’s.


Prophaniti’s mixed it up a little… and I do mean little… with a bunch of 6mm Russians. You can tell they’re Russians by the teeny bottles of vodka.


Not to be outdone, TempestGayle’s thumpin’ too!


TyrantMithras is all pleased as punch now that he’s a Press Ganger… of course, it just meant he finally had to put in the time to finish his Cetrati!


And then Zionson was just a dirty great showoff and painted an entire horde of Farrow…


Of course, every month someone has to get something from the LH prize pool! The dice were rolled, the cards were flopped, the wheel was spun, and this month’s winning participant is…  49!! Huzzah, I don’t have to mail this one to the other side of the world! 😉  Email me your address and we’ll go from there.!


April heralds the move into the warmer months. It’s Spring, dammit!  A time of rebirth, a time for the new… Accordingly, rather than setting a target based around a specific attribute of the models in-game, we’re going to set it chronologically. Your target for April is to paint something you’ve purchased or obtained since the beginning of March. Something NEW!

Send in your pics of new shinies to by Noon, April 28th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end ;)

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  1. Avatar Prophaniti (1978)
    Prophaniti (1978) says:

    Nice round of entries this month. Units are always a challenge, which is why I went small, so congratulations to whoever got an entry in.

    I’m definitely admiring the cetrati and farrow. The farrow in particular for getting about 20 times the surface area of my effort done.

  2. *coughNOTACHANCEcough* 😀