Pub High Command!

Awhile ago Lostie Autojack decided that he and I needed to get some High Command in and just have some guy time, so naturally it happened at one of the local watering holes.

Given Friday’s bloggery about the new Kingmaker Showdown format, it seemed only appropiate that we kick the tires (I even used the deck I posted on Friday! Whee!) and of course, we dragged in a couple of ringers for a quick followup photodump.

Horrible window glare made my head even shinier than usual!

Autojack pulled out his Legion deck, Valrus ended up with my untested Four Star Syndicate deck, and GreatGaspy took one of Autojack’s Circle decks because he hasn’t bought his own copy of High Command yet, for which we shame him greatly. SHAME, BRANDO, SHAME!

A source of great amusement for me was watching Valrus and Gaspy trying to figure out what the idea was behind two decks that neither of them built.  Gaspy quickly cottoned on to the joys of rushing a Woldwrath, into a Menite Temple, but the real fighting happened in the Narrow Streets and…

… on the Walls of Sul, where Battle Engines and Colossals collided, because apparently neither player thought to actually use anything that took advantage of the location’s special rule, and just generally went to town with big toys.

In the end Autojack won through, but here’s the thing. Despite all the fighting (and there was a lot of it), three of us did successfully capture locations, but the game was still close as heck. Valrus ended with (iirc) 16 VPs at the bottom end of the scoring, while Autojack ended with 21 VPs.

The Showdown format’s prohibition against overloading your deck with VPs meant that while the game didn’t score as high as a lot of us may be used to seeing, none of us could afford to just sit out the game and go shopping every turn, and we ended up with  a close game where the any of the four of us could have snuck in a win.

Good times (and booze) were had, format approved.