SDE: Forgotten King – Heroes

With painting underway on the heros and bosses of Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King, I wanted to take a moment and do one more “unboxing” post and do a quick overview of the characterful little peeps with big heads that arrived with the Wave 1 Kickstarter rewards and can be used as heroes for fun, edification and dungeoncrawling. Most of these will be in the core box once it hits retail, the rest will be available in due time from the Soda Pop Store or through general retailers.

Let’s start with the core set’s four heroes.

Princess Emerald is an excellent sniper. She has a naturally high DEX making her a crack shot with that rifle, but when you add the Stinging Shot ability to stop opposing models using their unique actions, Scope reducing the armour of the target and her potion ability bringing healing to the table as well, she’s a nicely rounded character well able to destroy mobs or support her teammates.

The Questing Knight is the tank of the starting four, the only one with a red dice in his armour category. A melee beatstick and a potion ability that can leave him on 2 red, 2 blue, his real strength is in his lance arm. 2 reds with 2 reach for standard melee, and the ability to either skewer mobs in a line or to perform a massive damage, he’ s respectfully solid out of the gate.

The Fae Alchemist us a little nuts, as would be expected from a mad elf brewer. A potent magic zap attack is great, but she has NO unique abilities… instead, she has three different potion abilities. One adds a green dice to a hero’s roll (!!), one uses a potion as a grenade, but the Experimental Concoction can have a completely random effect every turn. An excellent team player! Naturally, brings plenty of potions to the field…

With a base speed of 8, the Thundervale Huntress is built for speed, and can ramp it up with extra movement from her portion if needed. Handy with her spear, she’s also not averse to throwing her weight around, stampeding across the dungeon to slam opponents back.

The Royal Warden is possibly my favourite concept, being a tough little sod with a jaunty hat and a crossbow. He is the law! Able to reel opponents in with his Arrest Warrant and lock them down with Bound By law, perhaps his most popular ability will be Tax Collector, which allows extra loot.

The Wandering Minstrel is a consummate duelist, able to slip the tip of his blade through all but the toughest defenses. When it’s time to break out the tunes, though, he repertoire brings an array of support abilities from jaunty tunes to uplift his teammates to a lullaby to sap the energy from any mobs that have’t had coffee recently.

The Mistmourn Shaman is dwarfed by his fellow trolls in the Mistmourn Coast Warband, but don’t let his stature fool you. He’s tough, can regenerate, and will not hesitate to set you on fire with his Outcast Pyre ability. He’s also one of the few heroes that starts with multiple potions.

Brave-Mode Candy is never (except in this pic) seen without her trusty pet Never-Lost Cola. Being able to grant immunity to all status effects with a swig of her soothing soda is a huge deal, though what may be more impressive is her ability to roll 4 red dice on a melee attack with her Soda Detector ability.

Kunoichi Candy (cos you can never have enough Candy variants)  just can’t be stopped… or apparently, photographed clearly. With her Ninja Pop she can move through walls and fly on a sugar buzz unlike any other. While Brave-Mode swings her sword to devastating effect, Kunoichi taps into her will for magic zappery and packs a hex ability to weaken nearby mobs’ offensive capability.

Ninja Cola – a tiny little kitsune with an enormous shuriken – is just awesome. Too small to be targeted from too far away, bonus movement when missed by an attack, a Pounce ability for another 5 squares, the ability to throw that enormous star around corners with ridiculous accuracy, especially if he’s popped his potion… I’m going to have to decide what to green-stuff that post into though.

One of the most exciting upgrades in the new addition is the ability to use most (not all) of the minibosses as EVEN MORE heroes! Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King comes with two minibosses in the core set – Boris the bear and Trent the treeman – and both can be used as heroes as well…

The Deeproot Treant is an enormous forest guardian with a ridiculously thick hide. Tough, able to sweep opponents from before him and… Deadwood Dynamite?? What the heck? Trees can grow explody bits?? For when you really need to block a corridor…

If the Deeproot Treant is tough, the Bearstruck Berserker is its offensive counterpart. Two different swep abilities mean this fellow is build to wade into the fray and lay about with that enormous spiked mace. Consider also that his potion allows for a free Melee attack that doesn’t use any of your action points…

Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King also includes updated cards for all of the heroes from the previous edition, including the Relic Knight imports, and cards to play minibosses like the Herald of Vulcanis and Captain R as their heroic counterparts.

As painting progresses we look forward to showing you more niftiness.