SDE: Forgotten King – The Boo Booty

Round two! Today we take a look at the second portion of the Wave 1 rewards from the Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King kickstarter. Yesterday was the main box, today we look at the Boo Booty…

For those that haven’t played the  game, Boo Booty’s are nasty traps for unsuspecting adventurers. There you are, all set to open your treasure chest, when BAM! It’s not a treasure chest, it’s a slavering monster hell-bent on eating you! I

The good folks at Soda Pop Miniatures modeled this box after just such a slavering fiend.

The Boo Booty box comes packed with all of the kickstarter rewards that weren’t in the core box. This includes cards for all of the models from the previous edition for use both in the revised Classic Mode and Arcade mode, and a bunch of extra models. You’ll note that big brown section there…

Everything from the kickstarter bonuses fits in the cavity on the left. The point of the divider is… well, you can remove it, and BAM! you have room for all of the expansions as you pick them up! Soda Pop’s basically given you a storage solution for your expanded SDE experience.

SO many the pretty cards! Not only are there cards for the old edition, but also for each of the new mob spawn points, again for both Classic and Arcade mode, and then there’s all the heroes…

Princess Coins are an important feature of the new-and-improved Super Dungeon Explore, and kickstarter backers get to nerd out a little more than most by virtue of having an actual metal coin 🙂

Kickstarter heroes! And a miniboss… Brave Mode Candy, Shadow Mode Candy, Mistmourn Shaman, Never-Lost Cola (actually a pet), Kunoichi Candy, Wandering Minstrel, and Ninja Cola.

The Giri are creeps, like the rabid squirrels. They’re quite vicious with their leeks.

The Salt Pillar spawn point reuses some of the old sculpts for its mobs, but Salt itself – miniboss – is all kinds of new and malevolent.

Possibly some of my favourites of the new models, the Trolls that come with the Tribal stone are all sorts of characterful. The Mistmourn Chieftain channels the wrath of his ancestores, while the Ghostfire Warriors and Spirit Walkers show that there’s a lot more to the Trolls of Crystalia than just brute force.

And for those who picked up Von Drakk’s Manor from the previous edition yet always wondered why there weren’t more Crypt Spiders, backers of the kickstarter received a bonus spawn point, with even more opportunities to turn the heroes into toads.

There’s a bunch more stuff coming in wave 2 – more heroes, more spawn points, more warbands, more boards – but this is what’s landed so far. Next week we’ll take a little closer look at the heroes of Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King!