Thamar’s Teeth! 2/3 – The New Model Fiona

What, you thought I was going to let Autojack hog all three Fiona the Black articles? Pshaw! Granted, he painted the model you’ll see at the end of the post, but still… that’s my mug on the left, deal with it.

Fiona the Black is one of the recent wave of warcasters and warlocks to receive a resculpt. Filling out at seven components, Fiona retains her trademark braid.

Fiona’s armour remains one of the coolest designs in the Iron Kingdoms. Her knee has a hat, for cryin’ out loud. This makes my inner milliner happy.

Her coat trails as she casts Nonokrion Brand from her outstretched hand, and um… something clever about the armour’s exhaust. Seriously, I tried for a run on sentence covering all three pics, it just died. The coat tail and arm have solid contact points, but the exhaust is pretty tiny, may be worth considering a pin.

Now we need to get creative and make sure we’re working with good adhesive. The trailing arm is not only in two pieces with the cap falling off the upper arm, but her spear extends as well. Secure these pieces!

And of course, the braid ™.


Camera focus is a thing… but heck, the arc marking looks fabulous!
Fiona’s actually a sod of a model to photograph due to the planes of the model, but I’m just griping because I messed up the focus and want to blame something else 😛



And in the end, a hat on her knee. Seriously. How cool is that?