The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers

One of the most sought after prizes from the Iron Arena prize table at Templecon was the print of the art for the Devil’s Shadow Mutineers. A trio of slaughter-minded pirates, the Mutineers were a malignant mystery, oozing malice and malevolence.
Now we have them in hand, and woe betide the foes of the Talion Charter and the Scharde Isles; Mar, Zira and Morland are here to show the Dread Pirate Roberts a thing or two…

Two card, three man units used to be all the rage… I was moderately amused that each of them has a single separate leg.

Mar is the unit leader, armed with her sabre and the ability to attack every single model in a 360 arc as a standard attack…

Lost painter TheGreatGaspy decided she needed to be a ginger. I’m not sure if he’s passing comment on Mar’s nature or not.

Morland comes in with a very solid MAT7, two magic cutlasses, and the ability to do a combo strike. Also, one leg.

Isn’t there an anime with a guy like this? Seriously, GreatGaspy, what were you watching when you painted these?

Zira’s the gunslinger of the group with two pistols and Black Penny… Oh, and she’s a weapon master with them, and has Eyeless Sight too. Right? Right.

I know it’s just an eyepatch, but it seriously looks like she’s wearing a pair of Ray Bans… 😉

The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers are available through your FLGS, just in case you feel like getting a little Evil Pirate on. 4pts for 15 wounds across three models, and we didn’t even talk about Blood Bound…

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  1. Sweet models. The leaders smile gives me chills.