SDEFK: The Bearstruck Berserker

I love me some Warmachine, but I also love me a breath of fresh air on the painting table, and the chibi models from Soda Pop’s Super Dungeon Explore are a great change of pace to clear your head between your seventh and eighth Woldwatcher. Not only that, but with the advent of the new edition – Forgotten King – we kick down the door with a whole bunch of new heroes, mobs, and perhaps most exciting for me, the potential to use a bunch of the minibosses as heroes. Today we look at Bashful Boris, the bear chimera miniboss… but no, wait, we’re all good guys here. Let’s flip it and instead look at the Bearstruck Berserker, the heroic incarnation of the big purple lug!


  • Standard hero movement of 6, with 3 actions.
  • 1R2B on Strength is very solid, but pay attention to the 2-square melee range as well.
  • 2R for Armour is beary (hah) solid.
  • 1B for Will means the Berserker is not who you want rolling initiative, nor is he likely to win any contests.
  • 2B for Dexterity is fine, especially considering how rarely he’ll be using it.
  • 5 Health, 1 Potion – standard.
  • Yellow crystal affinity


Now, let’s look at the juicy stuff.

The Berserker has Berserk, meaning you get a free attack every turn that doesn’t use any action points. That means it you really want to keep hitting your target you can spend your three actions whomping it, and then get in a fourth for good measure. Or, ya know, hit four spread out targets in a single turn.


For 2 red actions, the Berserker can use Sweeping Mace. A Dangerous abilitity, this hits every model in the four squares directly in front of him (since he’s a large model)… and the four in the row beyond that, because that’s a long mace.

For 2 blue actions, the Berserker can do another Sweep, Earthshaker, but rather than doing damage it forces an opposed STR vs DEX roll, causing SLOW (halves the Movement of affected models)

His Potion is Rager Root; it’s a buff ability, only affecting heroes, and lets the imbiber make a single melee attack costing no action points… wait… he can already do that with Berserk… that means…


… The Bearstruck Berserker, dice willing, can dish out up to 5 hearts worth of damage in a single activation. Three initials, 1 from Berserk, 1 from Rager Root. He is *fully capable* of killing pretty much anything shy of a larger miniboss all by himself in a single activation, or alternatively of clearing up to *11* single wound mobs, dice and placement willing. This is, of course, prior to his actually ramping up his potential with any loot or treasure.

Bashful Boris is a large model, taking up four squares on the board. This can make it difficult for him to maneuver in some areas on the map due to obstructions and/or terrain. At the same time it makes him perfect for being a physical barrier – especially if you can get him a little armour or have a healer on hand – to stop additional mobs getting into wherever your team is looting, and he’ll able to mow down the incoming hordes. His Earthshaker makes him solid for crowd control if needed by putting out the Slow effect, meaning even those mobs that escape being brained by that dirty great spiked ball of his can’t move fast enough to (a) get away from subsequent beatings, (b) threaten squishier teammates.


The Bearstruck Berserker is the first SDE: FK model to be completed on the Gdaycave painting table, and is joined by Ninja Steve’s own model as well – and yes, I’m amused that we both apparently went for green pants.. Aside from being a neat model, this achieves the double whammy of giving us a new, painted, playable hero as well as a painted miniboss. We’re going to pretend that was a conscious choice and that we’re super efficient accordingly.


Next time: The Questing Knight!

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