Havoc in the Thornwood: Progress!!



gaspyavatarWell folks! Work has been underway, and I have managed to put some paint on some minis. I know, it is a shock to me too! I am the lazy kind of painter–namely one who won’t paint anything unless he has a dead line, leagues, and painting challenges. They are pretty well the only time my paint brushes get much of a work out. [So much the better for all of us! – Autojack]

So without too much preamble, I present things that I have worked on! You’ll have to forgive my very poor photography skills, as the cell phone camera and I are not well acquainted!



My beloved Ripjaws. I love these little guys–they are my colossal hunters.


Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders are almost done–the greens did get washed out a little and I may need to go back to them and work out some more aggressive transitions on them.



The promised and horribly under-utilized Bane Knights, whose sculpts are among my favourites.



MOAR BANEZ!! I gotta love the Bane Riders… Despite my subpar camera work.



…and finally, my long overdue Soul Hunters! These guys were a ton of fun to paint with lots of washes and various painting techniques to make the pallid flesh, worn metal plates, and exposed bones.

The above models still need some static grass put down, which sadly I had run out of when Gday cracked the whip and said “progress shots!!!”. That said, still on the painting desk is Dirty Deneghra herself, Darragh Wrathe, and the fearsome Kraken (which will be my first painted colossal… despite owning several).

Wish me luck–I am going back in…!